Very Good 7 inch 4K Support Field Monitor Feelworld FW703

Hello, so is today 7k monitor that supports 4k monitor FEELWORLD FW703 Model Introduced.

YouTube Channel: KyuQ규큐 

Let's look at the most important monitors. Overall, I do not have a sense of rudeness and I think it's a tidy design. It does not feel that heavy for a 7-inch monitor.

monitor 7 dslr

feelworld monitor fw703

feelworld monitor 7 inch

This product is equipped with a battery plate at the back. When the battery is installed, it is tightly engaged and corrected. Press the lock button to unlock it. In the case of a cheap monitor, there is no such fixing device.

hd monitor 7in 4k

I'll take a look at it. It has 1/4 inch hole in the bottom. On the left is a USB port, which is a software update. And there's a 3.5-audio jack. There's a 12-volt power jack. It is possible to use as power source without battery by using power terminal. There's a speaker on the back. On the right side, sdi/ hdmi in and out terminals. The menu buttons are all located at the top so it's very easy.

The 7 inch screen is really big. The volume and histograms I set up in advance. When you look at the screen, the batteries appear in numbers. There are some monitors that do not even show the battery level.

7 dslr monitor

4k 7 inch monitor

The sharpness is good, the resolution is 1920x1200, and it looks very clearly. As you can see, there is a slight delay, you can see that most of the field monitors are similar to Delay 

Let's go outdoors and do a simple field test.

I do not know if I can see it on the screen. I attach sunshade. I'm taking a picture of a boat and now I can say that it looks very good.

video camera 7” field monitor


The monitor is not so bright under 450, but the sun shade when you install it, there is no big problem to see and it is not a part of 7 inch monitor weight, when you reach the battery, a total of 511 grams comes out.

video camera 7" monitor

It looks really clear. I want to know exactly where the focus is. Even if it is a little bit far away, because it is so large, it can be checked accurately. If you shoot a lot of shooting at a unique angle or shooting camera monitor. If you monitor in real time how the current screen is connected by connecting. I think that shooting will be very easy.

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