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Shipping Policy

Basic transportation policy

Within working days, the received order will be processed by confirmation email within 24 hours. Orders on Saturday and Sunday will be shipped on Monday. If you need to deliver on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, please send us an email to check if there are Saturdays, Sundays and holidays service options in your area.

In order to ensure that your package is sent correctly and received in time, we hope that you can ensure that the address entered is correct when filling in the address, including the correct name, phone number, street number, building or apartment number, and route information. For express delivery, timely delivery is very important. If the address information provided is incorrect at the time of purchase, we are not responsible for the return, loss and delivery of incorrect goods.
In addition to the free delivery service we provide in certain countries, buyers should pay for the freight, so you can choose a low-cost courier company or a fast courier company.
If the item includes lithium batteries, we will change to FedEx Express, because we only have FedEx lithium battery reports, thank you for your understanding in advance.
After payment is completed, we will ship it within 5 working days. If the item is out of stock, we will notify you by email and indicate the delivery date.
After the order is shipped, you will receive an email with tracking information. After the order has been paid, please pay attention to check your e-mail, we will send a confirmation e-mail for the shipment of the goods.
We will decide to ship from Amazon warehouse, local warehouse or from China based on actual product inventory. Orders shipped from Amazon warehouses and local warehouses generally do not need to pay additional duties.
Express delivery from China usually has customs tax issues. In this case, you need to pay related customs duties, please cooperate with customs to pay taxes. Thank you!
Finally, when you receive the item for the first time, you should check the integrity of the package and pay attention to whether it is damaged. If it is damaged, you need to check whether the item is in good condition and contact us as soon as possible.

Affected by Covid-19, there will be some delay on the delivery.

1. Amazon and local warehouse delivery

You may notice that some of our products have FULFILLMENT BY AMAZON on the checkout selection logistics page, which means that we may have inventory of the product in the Amazon warehouse and will use the Amazon delivery service in specific countries (including the United States, Australia, Japan and most EU countries) arrange and send them. We also have a local warehouse in Russia. When the local warehouse has stock, we will give priority to the delivery from the local warehouse so that you can receive the products faster without worrying about tariffs. Please rest assured that if your address is not included, we will ship most orders via DHL or FedEx, and these orders will take 5-7 days to arrive (if the customs clearance is smooth). If you are not sure, please leave us a message.

By using FBA and local warehouses, delivery time will be shortened and customs issues will become easier.

If the local warehouse out stock, we will send the email inform to you that local warehouse estimated in stock date. According to the customer needs, you can choose the wait the local warehouse in stock or shipment from the China at once. If it is temporarily unavailable in your delivery address area, we will notify you and change to ship from China.


2. Shipment from China: freight and estimated arrival time

When there is no inventory in Amazon warehouse and local warehouse, we will ship from China, and we will choose the appropriate carrier for transportation depending on the specific country and region. We will choose DHL, FedEx and China Post. The estimated delivery time for DHL is usually 5-7 days (if customs clearance is smooth), and the estimated delivery time for FedEx is usually 6-8 days (if customs clearance is smooth). The estimated delivery time of China Post is 20-30 days. The estimated delivery time in remote areas will be longer, and the specific estimated delivery time will vary according to different regions. Regarding the transportation of products in Brazil, we will choose China Post. If you are in a hurry to use the product, you can choose to transport it by DHL. If you want to change the carrier, please contact us. We will choose the corresponding carrier according to your needs. Shipping from China may incur tariffs, and the resulting tariffs need to be paid by the customer.

 3. Accessories distribution

If the accessories are in stock in the local Amazon warehouse, we will give priority to the shipment from the Amazon warehouse. The estimated arrival time refers to the time listed in the Amazon supported countries. If there is no inventory in the Amazon warehouse, we will ship from China. The carrier is China Post, DHL Express or Fedex. The estimated time of arrival is 20-30 days of the China Post, the DHL Express and Fedex estimated time of arrival is 7-10 days. We will choose the corresponding carrier according to the needs of customers. The time limit in remote areas will be longer. If you need to expedite the order, please contact us for a competitive shipping quotation:


4.International transportation

Use our shipping estimator at checkout to get the specific shipping rates available. If you have specific shipping issues or requirements, please contact us before completing the checkout process to resolve any issues with your order.

Shipping costs for international destinations are calculated at checkout.

Please note: All fees are in U.S. dollars. Please contact your credit card provider to obtain the exchange rate and other fees for your order.

If your shipping country/region is not listed at checkout, it means that we will not ship to your country/region.

Please note that all international shipments are subject to import duties and/or value-added tax. Your order may be subject to import tax or value-added tax in your country/region, which is your responsibility for this tax. Value-added tax and/or customs duties are paid by the customer to the courier.

If you need to expedite orders or orders shipped by specific carriers, please contact us for a competitive shipping quote:

*The shipment is subject to the VAT applicable in your country/region. *

UK: 20%
France: 20%
Germany: 19%
Italy: 22%
Spain: 21%

5. Holiday transportation

DHL, FedEx observe the following holidays. Please note that the package will not be shipped until the next business day.

Chinese holidays:

Mid-Autumn National Day: October 1st, 2020 - October 8th, 2020

New Year's Day: January 1, 2021 - January 3, 2021

Spring Festival: February 8, 2021 - February 17, 2021

During the holidays, if the local Amazon warehouse or local warehouse has inventory, we will ship as usual, and the package will not be shipped until the next working day. All countries have statutory holidays, and delivery will be delayed according to local holidays. Please allow enough time for processing and transportation during the holidays. Due to high shipping volume and/or weather delays, USPS, UPS, DHL and FedEx may delay your delivery. Order as early as possible to ensure timely delivery. For more information, see our holiday shipping guide.



When the package arrives at the destination customs (all countries/regions), certain customs duties may be incurred, which need to be borne by the customer. Please carefully understand the local tax and fee policy.

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