Best Budget Camera Monitor in 2019 - FEELWORLD FW568

Hello guys this is Ali, I hope you're having a good day in today's video. I'm doing a review of the FEELWORLD FW568 monitor, it's a 5.5 inch monitor that is budget-friendly and deserve to go on your gimbles.

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There are a monitor hood, FW568 monitor, manuals warranty, swivel arm, HDMI to micro HDMI cable in this box. That it came with actual monitor is here feels super lightweight and the reason for this is that they wanted it to be used on gimbals. Mainly so it takes your Sony NPF or Canon FP batteries, it's worth mentioning that it doesn't come with the battery, so you need to buy your own. So that's something to keep in mind. The swivel arm has a cold shoe mount on the side and you can use this to put your microphone on it or any other accessories.

gimbal monitors dslr

zhiyun monitor

monitor for gimbal

I've just mounted the monitor and I connected that to the camera at the moment. I've got it connected to the 1dx mark to using as zhiyun crane 3 gimbal and this is essentially what the setup looks like granted the cable I think is too long this can be a bit smaller, so it can actually be a bit more tidy and easier to operate.

I'm using a magic arm to connect the monitor to the gimbal and yeah it works really nicely it's a slightly bigger monitor than my small HD focus monitor, it feels more plasticky but again it's really good value for money. I think what makes this monitor so special is the price it is the best budget one that I could really find you can buy this at the moment for 170 pounds in the UK and if you're looking at the small HD focus more you're looking at about 480 pounds, so nearly 500 pounds as expected with most monitors.

gimbal stabilizer monitor

FEEWORLD FW568 + EOS-1D Mark II + Zhiyun Crame 3

It comes with your histogram, peak, false color and you can also flip the image and also monitor your audio. The monitor only weighs 175 grams and that is you know really light.

gimbal monitor

It has three function buttons that you can customize to do anything that you want. I recommend this monitor I think it's not for everyone. But I think there's definitely a use for it like I said for event videographers while in videographers and this will be really handy, it's a bit bigger than the small HD focus but for the price this is really decent and it's really good and I have no problem using it.

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