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Technical Support

When you meet a technical problem, you can use the following tips to troubleshoot the problem, and also enjoy the fun of solve problem. If can’t solve the problem, now, you need contact us.

No Image after put on the power

Check if signal cable connecting is in good condition, and if monitor is synchronized with the input signal.

Make sure to use the standard adapter or battery according to the  instructions.  If power is supplied by battery, please check if the battery is fully charged.

Change signal source and signal cable, ensure there is signal input.

Image distortion , abnormal display or monochrome picture

Check and change signal cable, The cable damage or loose will cause poor transfer and display abnormal .

Enter Menu to reset 'Check Field' and 'Aspect Ratio'

Check whether ’Focus Assist’ ’Zoom’ 'P2P' are turned on.

Enter Menu to check saturation, brightness, contrast adjustment. Or reset to factory settings.

Earphone or speakers no sound

Check camera and monitor whether Volume control is open, press or rotate the volume button and  try to increase the volume.

When input DVI/VGA/VIDEO signals, users must input AUDIO signal at the same time, otherwise there will be no sound.

Change signal source and signal cable, ensure there is signal input.

HDMI/ SDI Input,shows no signal

Check whether HDMI/SDI Input signal is the monitor support format.

Check the camera’s brand model and HDMI/ SDI output support format. Change camera internal system and video settings, Check whether it works at other signal input format.

Change signal source and HDMI/ SDI cable, ensure there is HDMI/ SDI signal input.

If you still have problem in product setting, please contact:

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