FEELWORLD F5 4K 5" On-Camera Monitor Review

Hi, I'm Dustin Abbott and I'm here today to give you a review of the new FEELWORLD f5 inch on-camera monitor field monitor about a year ago I did a review of one of their seven inch monitors and so I'm back to give you a look at an alternate model here as you can see I've got that mounted on this little setup here and so we're gonna take a look at some of the features and functionality of this field monitor today.

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As you can see as it noted it's a 5-inch monitor it is has a native 1080p resolution but natively supports 4k and so the output of the Sony a7r Mark 3 is of course 4k and what this allows you to do is to have you know a 4k feed here but in a 1080p resolution.

What makes these even more useful is not just the viewing angle and the size of the screen and I will note by the way that the screen quality is really really good, the viewing angle is excellent, color accuracy is really good and so on it's amazing how vivid the picture looks and so that's certainly useful.

The physical design here it's really easy and because it's so lightweight, it's easy to put it in a variety of different places to help you to do what you need to do.

As you can see it actually has a fairly deep sunshade that's really easy to add it's there's a velcro surround on all of this, so you can actually just collapse that down really tight and easily take it on and off it.

5" on camera monitor


One of the main things that might make this a better option for you than one of the larger models is the fact that unlike this model came with basically just a foot which you know is cold shoe mount or of course you can do something similar. And I've shown it mounted on a handle gimbal system particularly gives you a little bit more real estate to play with things like that. But in this case the fact that it has this kind of bracket almost like an L bracket that comes off it allows you to do a few things first of all it allows you to really control the the viewing angle and so for example if I rotated it up into a position like this if I was in a top viewing position it would make that I can basically just said that the perfect angle that I'm working at and so that in itself is very used.

obviously, you have the option of you know completely flipping it if you're wanting a solution to say if you are a vlogger or even if you were doing something like what I'm doing right now you would have the ability to put that up.

5" camera monitors

What they've built in is that there along the top there are a number of buttons that will allow you to program different functionality and some kind of most useful kind of some direct custom buttons that you can assign a value.

5 monitor for dslr

I've noted the battery power you also have an option you can purchase an adapter and that will you can use a DC IN and so you can you know just run it indefinitely off of that you've also interestingly, however, got a DC out here and so if you've got a pretty hefty battery on there you can actually also run the DC out to help to charge your camera.

There's a headphone monitoring, there's also a USB port where you can do firmware updates to it and there is an HDMI in and out and so full-sized HDMI In and full-size HDMI out and different buttons along with the top custom functions.

5 inch sony monitor

And so as you can see now that we've got the back faced here there's actually a battery plate now it doesn't come with batteries but you can get an optional plate that will allow you to either to use some of the Sony batteries like at F970 battery or LP-E6 battery. You can also use in that terms of how long a battery life you get. It's possible to get up to a couple of hours depending on the battery size.

One thing I have noted and that is that if you keep the battery in there seems to be a little bit of a phantom power drain and so even if you have turned off and stored it will slowly deplete the battery.

5 inch on camera monitor

For example like focus peaking show up on there which is always of course very useful you can choose different overlays to throw on there and so having it on a larger screen makes it more easily. Actually personally keeping a histogram on there all the time because relative to the rest of the screen it's quite you know it's small enough to where it's just useful to have that they're visual all the time. False colors that it can show you exposure with zebras over what's you know expose or improperly exposed.

It gives you a check field option if you're wanting to do some color work. You can throw up a grid to just show you for example a kind of a rule of nine rule of thirds kind of thing and so you can throw the nine grid up there. It does have embedded audio and so you can see audio levels you also have a headphone monitoring jack on here and so you can actually monitor it so for example or you're using HDMI in you've got an audio signal coming in. You can do an image flip which of course is useful if you're going to you know the kind of you know to reverse the screen to where you're monitoring front monitoring it.

5 inch monitor camera 4k

So the build quality is actually really quite nice on this it's you can tell that it's made work and take a little impact actually in some ways it feels much higher grade than the one that I reviewed last year so I'm impressed with the progress on that and then also the arm feels very sturdy while also being lightweight and so a lot of good stuff with the f5 and if you're looking for a smaller monitor size I think this can be a great option. You know if you're wanting something lightweight on a gimbal great option there as well also price point is reasonable.

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