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Light Up Your Look: 1 Scene, 4 Stunning Lighting Setups

Lighting a room can be deceptively difficult. You’d think it would be straightforward, but it’s easy to do it badly if you’re not careful. In this video, Alternative Vyacheslav walks us through four different lighting setups in one room.

#1 Sunrise Light Setup

For our first setup,we placed the FEELWORLD FL225B with FSP90 softbox as a key light.

FEELWORLD FL225B as a fill light in front of the mirror.Reflecting light using mirrors mirror to simulate the light coming from the corner window,

And we had the color temperature at 2700K.

#2 Daylight Light Setup

The second setup we did was simulating daylight light.

In order for the lamp to blend well, we change the light color temperature 4000K.

We had FEELWORLD FL225B with FSP90 softbox and FEELWORLD FL125B in the same place.

Now, this scene looks more like the daylight light.

#3 Cloudy Day Light Setup

Now we make it little darker and set the color temperature to 6000K and getting cool gloomy picture foreign.

#4 Day for Night

For this setup,,we set color temperature to 6000K so the outside daylight looked bluer to simulate moonlight.

We also add FEELWORLD FL125D with FSR90 softbox,honeycombs and installed in front of sofa to simulate the light from the TV on FEELWORLD FL125D turn on effect,and we get dramatic night scene.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. We hope that the information provided was useful and informative, and that it helped you better understand the importance lighting for photography.


 Video Light:

Video Light Softbox:














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