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Let There Be Light: How to Set up Lighting for Your Next Dance or Acrobat Show

Let There Be Light: How to Set up Lighting for Your Next Dance or Acrobat Show

When dancers or acrobats perform on stage, they bring the theater to life with a dynamic, athletic art form. Dance and acrobats express moving bodies and all the patterns, shapes, and stories they show. Effective stage lighting contributes to that art-making, highlighting movements at the right moments and framing each dance piece so the audience receives a complete theatrical experience.

Stage position lighting for dance performances highlights the action on stage while letting the dancers see their surroundings. As a lighting designer, you have the pivotal job of helping performers dance their best while providing the ambiance for a spectacular show.

What equipment do you need?

Acrobat SCENE 1:


(1) BacklightFEELWORLD FL225B 2700k-6500k 225W bi-color light with reflector 

(2) Fill Light:FEELWORLD FL125B  2700k-6500k 125W bi-color light with FEELWORLD FSR90 60X90CM rectangular softbox

(3) Fill Light:FEELWORLD FL125D 5600k 125W daylight light 

(4) RGB stick light

FEELWORLD video light


Dance SCENE 1:


(1) Key Light:FEELWORLD FL225B 2700k-6500k 225W bi-color light with FEELWORLD FSP90 90CM deep parabolic softbox

(2) Fill Light:FEELWORLD FL125D 5600k 125W daylight light with FEELWORLD FSR90 60X90CM rectangular softbox

(3) Backlight:  FEELWORLD FL125B  2700k-6500k 125W bi-color light

(4) RGB stick light


Dance SCENE 2:



(1) Backlight:  FEELWORLD FL125B  2700k-6500k 125W bi-color light

(2) RGB stick light



Lighting a dance performance involves much more than helping audiences see. Dance lighting is an intimate collaboration among color, emotion and the moving body. When you design a lighting concept, you contribute to the art unfolding onstage.


Video Lighting

Video Lighting Softbox




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