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FEELWORLD CREATOR CAMP RULES-FEELWORLD TP16 16" Portable Universal Teleprompter

Dear creator, welcome to join FEELWORLD Creator Camp, please read the rules below before you apply.




1. Create photos/videos using our FEELWORLD TP16. Post them to your social media with the hashtag #feelworld / #feelworldtp16

2. Content direction reference

-For photo reference(Not limited to the following)

a. Actual application scenario photo

b. Product photo

-For video reference(Not limited to the following)

a. Why do you need a teleprompter?

b. Teleprompter review + Actual application scenario

c. Teleprompter unboxing + How to install

3. Welcome any feedback or suggestion about our new teleprompter after testing it. We will take it into consideration when improving products (not mandatory)



1. Receive the product you applied for free.(FEELWORLD TP16 )

2. Marked as a FEELWORLD creator in the FEELWORLD talent pool, gain priority to be chosen for future official collaborations and paid projects.

3. Increase the exposure of your work on official FEELWORLD social media platforms. (All content exposure through various FEELWORLD channels will be labeled with the creator's ID.)


1. Apply: Fill out this form to apply.

2. Wait for the announcement: We will email you if you are selected.

3. Confirm the details of cooperation: We'll post an email to inform the winner and start confirming the details of the collaboration!

4. Receive the Product: Receive the product for free. We will cover the shipment & delivery fees and ship the product directly from the factory to your address. Delivery normally takes 1-2 weeks.

5. Post your video/photo: Take videos/photos as we agreed, post the video to your own social media account with the hashtag #feelworld / #feelworldtp16, and send the link of the post to our email address:

6. Work exposure: All content will be uploaded in the FEELWORLD store blog with the original link. High-quality content will get the chance of being pinned to the homepage or reposted on FEELWORLD social media pages to get more views.



Start time:27th.Jul,2023

End date: 16th.Jul2023

Selected time:19th.Jul, 2023



1. Once you have posted your work, FEELWORLD reserves the right to use, edit, and repost your submitted content. (We will tag the creator or attach the creator's link.)

2. Those who do not submit their work within the time limit, or whose work is clearly perfunctory, will be disqualified as creators. (If you are unable to submit by the deadline due to some unforeseen circumstance, please email in advance.)

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