How to Choose the monitor suitable for your camera?

Why do you need an on-camera monitor?

Did you use what model number camera?

Do you want the screen for a tad bigger, or brighter?

Do you see the detail of the image on the camera screen? Whether the image is focused accurately, whether the image achieves your expected effect?


There is a solution. External on-camera monitors come in all shapes and sizes and are packed with additional features that will make shooting video much more enjoyable. Here is how you can pick the best one for you.

How to choose the monitor?

Whether or not your camera will even work with an external monitor. If it can’t output video, you can’t use one.

Please confirm whether the signal format output by the camera matches the signal format supported by the monitor.

HDMI and SDI are the most common options. If your camera has HDMI and SDI interfaces, you can choose a monitor with HDMI and SDI interfaces.


Choose Screen Size and Brightness

The screen size is not the bigger the better, the most important thing is to choose the right one. When using a handheld stabilizer and gimbal, recommended that you choose 5, 5.5, 6 inch monitor.

camera monitor

When using large camera equipment, you can choose a 7 inch monitor.

filed monitor

Do you usually shooting outdoors under varying degrees of sunlight? You may need to increase the brightness to see the screen clearly. If the monitor does not have an ultra brightness setting, you may need to install a sunshade.

ultra bright

If you use the stabilizer and gimbal, recommend you use the FW568 5.5 inch monitor, has 500 nit brightness. If you use the large camera equipment, you can choose the T7 7 inch monitor, has 450 nit brightness. When you usually shooting outdoor, you can choose the LUT6, LUT6S 6 inch light 2600nit ultra brightness and touchscreen, LUT7, LUT7S , LUT7 PROLUT7S PRO 7 inch 2200nit ultra brightness and touchscreen.

Touchscreen, Waveform, LUT and HDR

While a bigger, brighter picture may be all you were looking for, if you are purchasing an on-camera monitor you will benefit greatly from having extra monitoring tools. Things like LUTs and waveforms should be on your list. Touch screen simplifies operation, everything is accessible through the touch screen.

Tools such as waveform, false color, vectorscope and RGB parade can help confirm the brightness and color of the image. LUTs are probably the most important, because they will allow you to preview images with basic levels or corrections.

FEELWORLD F6 PLUS, LUT6, LUT6S, LUT7, LUT7SLUT7 PROLUT7S PRO all have touchscreen, waveform, LUT and HDR functions. If you mostly going to be used for indoor, you can choose F6 PLUS 5.5 inch 500nit brightness, if you often shooting outdoor, you can choose the LUT6, LUT6S 6 inch 2600nit ultra brightness, LUT7, LUT7S , LUT7 PROLUT7S PRO 7 inch 2200nit ultra brightness.

F970 Install and Power Kit to External Equipment

When you need to use the wireless transmission, you can choose this monitor with F970 install design. When you supply power to the monitor, it can install and power equipment which power by Sony F970 battery, greatly saving the space occupied by the equipment, simplify your photography equipment.
LUT7 PRO camera monitor

field camera monitor

FEELWORLD F5 PRO V2, LUT7 PRO, LUT7S PRO, they have F970 Install and Power Kit to External Equipment. If you mostly going to be used for indoor, you can choose F5 PRO V2 5.5 inch 500nit brightness, F7 PRO 7 inch 500nit brightness,  if you often shooting outdoor, you can choose the LUT7 PRO , LUT7S PRO 7 inch 2200nit ultra brightness.

Bult-in Wireless Video Transmission System

All-in-one director’s monitor solution, combining a wireless video transmission and high-quality HD monitor, the FEELWORLD FT6, FR6 wireless monitor to create ultra light, cable-free monitoring kit that gives you complete mobility on set. 

wireless video transmission

FEELWORLD Camera Monitor Compatible

There are FEELWORLD monitor compatible, you can learn more and choose the monitor suitable with your camera.

5 inch monitor, you can click to learn more: F5, FW568, S55, F570

5 inch monitor

5.5 inch monitor with touchscreen, 3D LUT, you can click to learn more: F5 PRO V2, F6 PLUS

5.5 inch monitor

6 inch ultra brightness monitor with touchscreen, waveform, 3D LUT, you can click to learn more: LUT6, LUT6S

touchscreen monitor

7 inch monitor, you can click to learn more: FW759, T7, FW703

7 inch monitor

7 inch ultra brightness monitor, you can click to learn more: FW279, FW279S, P7, P7S

ultra brightness monitor

7 inch ultra brightness monitor with Automatic light sensing, touchscreen, waveform, 3D LUT, you can click to learn more: LUT7, LUT7S

lut monitor


Hope it can help you choose the monitor suitable with your camera.

If you have any question, feel free contact us, we glad to help you.

You can contact us via the email:


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