FEELWORLD LIVEPRO L1 V1 Video Switcher Firmware Update V1.0.7

In order to improve the user experience, we upgraded LIVEPRO L1 V1 to version 1.0.7.

Click firmware upgrade program download. (The link from the Dropbox)

Livepro Firmware_MAC_V1.07
Livepro Firmware_Windows_V1.07

This is the upgrade operation video:

You can update firmware follow proceed, there is the detail of the upgrade instruction.

Main Content Update:

1. Modify the volume knob, press the knob to display the volume bar before adjustment

2. Modify the PVW window ratio to 16:9

3. Increase output resolution 720p50, 1080p24/25

4. Modify the audio setting menu, add fixed audio output

Operation Steps for Upgrade:

1. Prepare tool: Upgrade package, XTOOL software and upgrade cable


2. Upgrade Method: LAN port upgrade

2.1 Turn on the power on LIVEPRO L1 and use LAN cable to connect device.

2.2 The default IP is, so make sure the PC and device are in the same IP segment. As the picture show to check if your PC in the same IP segment.

 Livepro L1

2.3 Open the upgrade tool XTOOL, click Connection

2.4 Choose Net Comm in pop up window and confirm

Livepro L1 switcher 

2.5 Upgrade Program

After communication setting is done, the status light in bottom left turns green. Choose the upgrade file and open it. Usually, we just choose MCU or FPGA bin file to upgrade, but you also can select all by the XTOOL automatically. After selecting, click “Upgrade” and it will start to upgrade .


firmware update

 livepro l1 v1

2.5.1  After upgrade is done, there will pop up a window showing “New Version Upgraded” then then users need to reboot the device to let the new version take effect.

 New version

2.5.3  Click “Version” XTOOL will show the latest version info of the device so that users can check if the upgrade is successful or not.

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