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How to choose a video switcher for your live streaming?

How to choose a video switcher for your live streaming?

Why you need a video switcher?

Live streaming is not difficult for now, one PC with few cameras and thats done, you can broadcast online to your followers. With multiple cameras, there is a challenge of cutting between shots during your broadcast. And here comes the Video Switcher.

What does a video switcher do?

What does a video switcher do?

When you see the picture shift from the interviewer to the interviewee, or different angle of the stage, that’s Video Switcher doing its work. It allows you to switch between multi cameras while live streaming.They also let you switch between scenes, launch different types of media, and adjust audio levels. And you can pre-set the scenes, the audio and more and switch quickly.

How to choose a video switcher?

How to choose a video switcher?

Input, output and easy of use is important when choosing a video switcher. There is different type of port on camera so make sure that your camera can connect with video switcher before you purchase camera or video swticher.

The output is as important as input. You can send your signal to more destinations with more outputs and it is very convenient in large events.

Video switcher is to make your live streaming easier and more convenient so if its too difficult for you to learn how to use it and set up, you may need to consider another one.


Now, here’s something you may interested in with low price and high quality.


Feelworld L1 and L1 V1 have four HDMI inputs along with one HDMI output all of which support 1080P video resolution. It features a 2-inch LCD that previews the feeding of 4 inputs altogether. And they have one HDMI output and one USB 3.0 output, all the porst support 1080p. With its classy special-effect switching function and multi-signal control, you can conduct live streaming smoothly. The difference between them is that there is a cooling fan inside of L1 V1.


Feelworld L2 Plus, which have 5.5-inch full HD LCD screen, provides real picture, a perfect video switcher for live streamer that have request on their live streaming. With its touch screen, you can can watch clearly and easily switch signals. L2 Plus can also do PTZ camera control, Chroma key, LOGO overlay, make your live streaming easier and more professional.

Video Switcher Compatible


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