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FEELWORLD KBC10 PTZ Camera Controller Operation Guide

FEELWORLD KBC10 PTZ Camera Controller Operation Guide

FEELWORLD KBC10 PTZ Camera Controller come with multi-function joystick and intuitive buttons to fast and precise real-time adjustment. It enables you to remotely control the speed of pan, tilt, zoom, and lock moves of the PTZ camera.In this video, we are going to show you how to do it.


How do you operate your KBC 10 PTZ camera controller? Make sure that the KBC 10 controller is on the same length as your PTZcamera and that the IP address is in the LSM segment. With a maximum communication distance of 1200 meters, remote control is easily possible. We connect all devices to the same router, not the port, and switch on.

IP settings:

You can press the IP button and enter the IP address of the first camera.Button part enter “1 2 5 9” and press enter to number here enter "1" and press enter to,confirm your controller has successfully identified the PTZcamera.When you see success on the LCD screen,you can control your PTZcamera by using the joystick.

Joystick control:

Repeat the above steps and you can add camera 2 and camera 3 to your KBC 10 controller. You can hit "Camera 1" and control it. when you see the PTZ camera,you can scroll up, scroll down, move left or right, twist right to zoom in, and left to zoom out .

kbc 10 ptz camera controller
Button description:

Here is another way for you to control the zoom, go to the panel and press the zoom button on the panel. There is an autofocus button and an auto iris button, you use the "AUTO FOCUS" and "AE AUTO" buttons to put the camera in autofocus mode or auto iris mode. If you want to adjust it manually, you can go to the "FOCUS" or "IRIS" knob in the top right corner. In the right-hand corner, there is a knob for red adjustment and a knob for blue adjustment,you can also adjust PTZ speed by scrolling a knob here.

 PTZ Camera Controller

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