What need to consider when live streaming outdoor?

An important and integral part of live streaming is recording live outdoor events. Your organization may be hosting a variety of outdoor events that you want to stream: weddings, concerts or festivals.Outdoor live broadcasting is a very big challenge and you may encounter unexpected situations. We held two outdoor live broadcasts to test our products with the aim of improving their performance and providing a better user experience.In this live broadcast we share some of the problems we encountered in two outdoor sessions and the solutions.

Outdoor Live Streaming Equipment:
(1)Video Switcher -- FEELWORLD L2 PLUS
(3)PTZ Camera Keyboard Controller--FEELWORLD KBC10
(4)Broadcast monitor-SEETEC ATEM156
(5)Wireless video transmission-LAZESKE W1000S

Three things to keep in mind for outdoor live broadcasts:

1.Ensure bandwidth availability

Bandwidth availability is critical during live broadcasts, so make sure you know your network.Do you have available bandwidth around you? Bandwidth may be limited by distance. If not please have a backup cellular hotspot, cellular or mobile hotspots are cheap and easy to set up. However, the main drawback here is reliability. For example, can your phone's battery last for 6 hours of continuous broadcasting? Related to this is the fact that the event you plan to broadcast live is likely to attract a group of people. If all these people are also using their phones, the local cellular network may slow down. Whichever way you use it, make sure the bandwidth can meet your needs without getting stuck.

field monitor


We used 3 cameras, two PTZ cameras and one SONY camera. I could use the KBC10 controller to control the PTZ and adjust the angle and image settings, but for the SONY camera, there was some distance between the camera operator and the director and our communication became difficult. Fortunately, our wireless video transmission function has a complete intercom - LAIZESKE W1000S, supporting 1000ft SDI and dual HDMI wireless transmission range, 0.08S ultra-low latency, up to 1080P/60Hz video signal,.The voice call feature allows us to communicate well and make timely adjustments. Suitable for movie production, sports events, live wedding broadcast, live church broadcast, etc.

wireless video transmission

3.Prepare for bad weather

Many times we have no choice about the weather. The shadows caused by the weather are a really big problem. The outdoors often means harsh sunlight, making it difficult to see images through the camera's small screen. A high brightness field monitor can do a lot to help. Our FEELWORLD LUT5 is a great choice with 3000nit brightness that lets you see everything in the sun. Full HD LCD touch screen, easy to operate. Support HDMI signal 4K@30Hz, HDR monitor, custom 3D LUT and other professional assistance composition tools. There is an F970 external and power kit at the rear to install wireless transmission, LED lights, etc. Scope of application: outdoor shooting, live production, live wedding, sports events, live concerts, etc.

ultra-high bright on-camera monitor


Here is a video about this article live. You need to know more content that can follow our youtube/instagram account every Wednesday to bring you a FEELWORLD product explanation or a variety of live guides. You can tell us what you want to know by leaving a comment.


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