Do I need a video switcher for streaming?

Due to the impact of COVID-19, people are unable to go out or travel to distant places, and can only pass the time at home. so watching live stream is a good way to spend time. Different kinds of live stream content, interaction with live streamers, and different regions and countries have made the live streaming industry grow rapidly.


The threshold for live streaming content production has been greatly lowered, and private domain marketing live stream with strong fission ability and high interactivity has become a development trend. More and more people would like have a try on live streaming, dancing, gaimng, wedding, chat and different knids of streaming.



What does a video switcher do?

A video switcher is an important component of video production and live streaming. But what exactly is a video switcher. Simply put, a video switcher is a piece of equipment used to switch between different video or audio sources. A video switcher is also known as a production switcher or video mixer. Although the main functionality of the device is for selecting between the sources of audio or video, it’s sometimes used in mixing video, setting compositions, and adding footage, graphics, or special effects on a secondary source.


How does a video switcher work?

The way it works is the video switcher selects between multiple incoming video signals from various sources (camera, PowerPoint feed, etc.) and directs one of those signals to a single output that could be a streaming device, video recorder, display device (i.e. a monitor or screen) or all the above. Video switchers can create different visual effects, ranging from simple mixes and transitions like dissolve to elaborate special effects. During a shoot, you can control the switcher, analyzing the various incoming camera angles, and selecting the best view to output.


Why do I need a video switcher?

Live streams can be produced with a single camera or multiple cameras, the latter providing different angles. When you begin working with two or more cameras, it’s a good idea to get the help of a video switch.

A video switch, or video mixer, brings in multiple audio/video feeds (e.g., PTZ cameras, presentation slides) and selects which feed to send live at any given time. Video switches also have the cool ability to add production elements to your broadcast.



And you can also click to know more about how to choose a video switcher.

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