Church live streaming with multi cameras.

Church live streaming is becoming more and more popular, and has developed into a universal trend. People can participate in it by watching, churches can also spread doctrines, beliefs and power through the stream. Under the threat of covid-19, more and more church live broadcasts have appeared in the world.


How to set up a church live stream?


Camera is a necessity for live broadcast. Choosing a good camera or multiple cameras should be the first choice to consider. As for the question of a single camera or multiple cameras, I believe many people have their own answers. Many churches start with a fixed camera to cover all activities. This is good and easy to set up, but it has certain limitations:


No closeup shots

The problem with one fixed camera is that it becomes challenging to get anything but a wide shot. With a wide shot, the camera needs to be far enough away or zoomed out far enough to capture everything happening on the stage or chancel. This means no closeup shots. With nothing but wide shots, it can be challenging for viewers to feel intimately connected to the worship service elements. Especially if they are viewing on a smaller display, they miss out on the nuances like the expression on the preacher’s face.


Easy to get bored


The pictures obtained from one angle for a long time will make people feel bored. People will always get freshness and some other details in the switched shots and pictures. Moreover, multiple cameras set up can let you stream  multiple pictures at the same time, such as the different angles of the priest or the interaction between the priest and the audience.




Of course, PTZ camera is our preferred recommendation, because its mobile tracking feature makes it easier for you to capture pictures. Besides, zoom function is also an important function. When you need to zoom in and close-up, it will make your live broadcast more professional and get better results. Different PTZ has different functions and prices. You can choose the one that suits you

You can click to learn more about PTZ cameras.



Camera connections


With a single camera setup, the connection is not really a problem. If you use a mobile phone to shoot, then you can directly stream to YouTube or Facebook Live via WiFi. There are multiple cameras for live streaming church services, and you need to connect them with a physical or software-based switcher to switch between the cameras and other multimedia features such as lyrics, images, and video. The camera can be connected via USB, SDI, HDMI or even Ethernet. Some cameras have multiple simultaneous outputs, which can provide you with multiple connection options on a single camera. Before deciding which connections are needed, you need to consider which type of switcher you will use.


Choosing a video switcher for your church


There are two basic types of video switchers for church applications, hardware, and software. Hardware switchers are dedicated, freestanding devices with simple buttons that perform video switching functions. Whereas software switchers run on a laptop or desktop PC or Mac. Hardware switchers offer incredible reliability because they are purpose-built to provide video switching between HDMI or HD-SDI sources. Many churches rely of hardware video switchers because they also offer the lowest possible latency for image magnification when sending video sources to a projection screen or network of LCD TVs. When you are thinking about image magnification you always want to have the least amount of video devices between the source and the destination in order to reduce latency. Nothing is worse than a video production system that creates too much latency when projected up on a large screen. It can be confusing for church members to see the images on the screen happen after the sounds that they are hearing in the room.


About video switchers, we recommend L1 V1 and L2 Plus. L1 V1 is the best choice to people who have limited budget. And L2 Plus is a better choice with touch screen and PTZ camera control.You can click to know more about video switchers.

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