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What is a wireless video transmission?

What is a wireless video transmission?

Troubled by wires that difficult to organize when working on boardcasting or professional video production? Moving hard when there is too much wires arround? Then wireless video transmission could be a great choice to you, especially for crew and studio.


What is a wireless video transmission?


A wireless video transmission system can by set up by transmitter and receiver, by multi transmitter and one receiver, you can monitor multi camear angles at the same time far away. That would save much wires and make your video production professional and easy.

However, there are different types of wireless video transmission product. For example, you can choose just wireless video transmission syestem like W1000S or monitors with wireless transmission like FT6 FR6. It sure would save much for people who need on camera monitor by FT6 FR6.




Why do you need a wireless video transmission?


When filming outside, one of the difficulties is distance. Its hard to move arround and shoot when holding the camera even there might be a on camera monitor on it. And the wire also distracts you, need to take care of your steps, don’t get tripped by it and tie them together.


Especially for group, crew and studio, director, producer and other people will be watching another monitor in the video village far away and direct all things there. And also with lights and other equupments, there will be more wires on the ground, it’s very inconvenient to move and film.


If you record the footage remotely, there will be more wires needed. Its also not convenient to take so many wires when shooting outside. And if you want to monitor the footage multiple or in different angles, wireless video transmission is the best choice for you.


What can wireless video transmission do?


Wireless video transmitters can be great problem solvers, capturing both audio and video signals and transmitting them over distance without using cables.




Supports SDI and dual HDMI wirelessly transmission range in 300 meters (max 400m) with 0.08S ultra-low latency, up to 1080P/60Hz video signal provide higher quality image. Supports one transmitter to multiple receivers, the transmitter can be switched as receiver at will. OLED screen show link status, signal strength, video format, intercom mode, battery level, temperature, fan status, etc. information. Android/iOS system APP monitoring; mulitple power options.

The one of highlights for W1000S is its full duplex intercom, which enable communication between the director and the photographer, save your time and costs to set an extra intercom system.

Compact and Lightweight

The W1000S is compact, lightweight, and small enough to mount anywhere. Both at the bottom of transmitter and receiver come with a single ¼”-20 mounting point for mounting camera arms, cold shoes, etc.



The transmitter can be switched as a receiver at will, define working mode freely, fulfill multiple use cases.


One Transmitter to Multiple Receivers

More than one device can “join the party”. W1000S allows you have up to four receivers bound to one transmitter that efficient your crew monitor every shot as it happens.


You can click to know more about W1000S.

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