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Three Reasons to Use Video Camera Monitors (feat. FeelWorld FW568)

Three Reasons to Use Video Camera Monitors (feat. FeelWorld FW568)

Hello, everybody. I am a Taeyoung artist. I have a camera monitor that I can use to work with this.

I'd like to inform you that I just came from a Chinese company called FEELWORLD.

Youtube Channel: Taeyeong태영작가

feelworld f5

First of all, before we tell you about the product in detail.

Why should we use these products?

hd camera monitor

The first reason to buy a camera monitor is: I think it's due to accuracy. Liquid crystal small enough to fit with camera I have. About the information of the liquid crystal display, you should check the brightness in real time while taking a picture. The camera do not analyze quickly and accurately. When you do that, you should buy a FEELWORLD FW568 and shoot it easily.

The second reason is light reflection. If you try to shoot on the day when the sun is shining in the daytime, I think you should take a good shot.  

The last reason is because of the Sony cameras in my hand. The camera has a notable problem, Sony A73 flip screen can not flip 180°. For those of you who desire, this camera has only been around until now. I bought a LCD and now I am shooting myself.

5 inch dslr monitor

And it can be sublimated to such advantage that the bell camera can not be seen. I think that's why I have a total of three reasons. If you need a look, I will recommend you to purchase.

You can get your first impression. It's made of plastic material. It is divided into buttons for easy menu manipulation. The F1, F2, F3 three custom button, I hope you will be able to easily approach the features you want.

sony camera monitor

On the left side of the monitor are HDMI in/ out and DC in.

hdmi dslr monitor

Two types of batteries can be used on the back. You can use Sony F970 and Canon LP-E6 of lithium batteries. It's a very good news for those who are out there.


Take a moment to tilt the mount. Let's move on, and when we do this, we can easily make the class again. 

lightweight camera monitor

Let's take a look at the menu structure.

Yes, as you can see now, the menu structure itself is very direct. It has histogram, peaking filter, false colors, embedded audio etc.

video camera monitor

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