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A video switcher for live streaming on a budget

A video switcher for live streaming on a budget

If you are a Youtuber, social media performer or any TV host live streaming your show. Then streaming the best angle video entertains your viewers a lot as a result number of viewers on your streaming platform goes on increasing.


But getting the best shot will require multiple camera settings, and the most difficult part is selecting the best camera video you want to stream. So, what is the way forward? Your, this need is fulfilled by Video Switchers.


Having a video switcher will let you choose the best camera angle from all the multi-camera positions you have installed to stream your show.


In this post we are going to look at the Feelworld Livepro L1 V1 which is a budget video mixer that can be used for multi-camera video production, live streaming and even as a webcam setup for your web video calls. Let's know  more details about it:



1.HDMI inputs and outputs.


L1 V1 have 4 HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI output. Plus a USB port and can act as a USB capture device when plugged into a computer. That means you can use the switcher to change between four different cameras or a camera and a game console. And it all appears to the computer as a single webcam. And can be plugged into a network and controlled from apps on a computer or a smartphone.


2.Resolution in the output.


L1 V1 can handle a variety of inputs at different resolutions and frame rates and it scales it all to the same resolution in the output.


3.Wipes and Slides.

L1 V1 has some simple transition effects like wipes and slides. So you can get a little bit fancier than just straight cuts.


4.Audio input jacks

The L1 V1 has an audio input jack, you can choose between either embedded or external audio, which means the audio will come from the active HDMI camera in embedded mode, or from the audio jack in external mode.



A switcher that has a whole bunch of buttons,honestly, not too friendly for beginners. T-bar for fading between shots, Instead of the cut and auto buttons. Will be easier to operate. Such as the L1 V1 also has knobs at the top which pull up the menu that is shown on the little screen. That menu is how you can changeall the settings, like choosing your audio settings and configuring the network. The L1 is really meant to be completely controlled from the device itself, with all the menu options available in the screen.



  1. HDCP

You can plug in HDCP devices directly into the L1 V1. For example with the L1 V1, you can plug in a Chromecast device directly and it just works.


  1. Multiview

L1 V1 does in fact have multiview, so you can see all your cameras at the same time. First of all, it has this little built-inscreen showing each of the four inputs. Now you might think that it's not super useful to have such a tiny little preview, but it does give you just enough an idea about what's in each input. You're not going to frame your shots with that or check your focus, but it is enough double check that your camera is still on or to make sure your computer screen is plugged in.


  1. Multiview over HDMI

The L1 V1 can also output the multiview over HDMI. And it can even output multiview over the USB connection to a computer. So with the L1 V1, this means you can connect a computer over USB and use your computer monitor as a multiview if you want to use the HDMI for streaming out to a hardware encoder.



9.The L1 V1 which cost $299 is an ideal choice for filmmakers and video-making enthusiasts due to its low-cost mind-blowing features. If you have to achieve multi-camera live streaming within your budget, L1 can meet your needs.



More Details about LIVEPRO L1 V1:


Shop Now: FEELWORLD LIVEPRO L1 V1 Video Switcher

 FEELWORLD Official Store:

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