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Ultra Bright Camera Monitor - FEELDWORLD FW279

Christopher Burress
Instagram: @christopherburress

'' The FEELWORLD  FW279 7'' ultra bright monitor make it much much less expensive than small HD and it's a great little monitor I've used it for about a year and a half.''

The FEELWORLD  FW279 7'' ultra bright monitor runs you about 270 dollars, and allows you to plug in 3d Luntz and see what the graded footage. The 2200 nits of brightness measurement based on the area of a screen so that mean for you that means that you'll be able to see this screen out in broad daylight monitor The monior is about 75 grams so just a couple ounces not that much this one does have an HDMI as well as HDMI out function buttons directional buttons power and a menu button. It's also got an audio out which will take the audio from the camera and let you plug in your headphones here and listen to what's going on.monitor canon 7d

The FEELWORLD  FW279 7'' ultra bright monitor is a 1080p screen but it will accept a 4k signal that would be coming from a camera that shooting in 4k. The exposure while this screen was showing it pretty nice and bright and well exposed within the camera itself it was actually far underexposed.monitor 7 dslrsmall hd ac7

It's got focus peaking it's got zebra lines for your exposure that is adjustable as well it's got different
aspect ratio blah coughs. 
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