$160 4K Compatible 5” rec.709 Calibrated Monitor for Sony A7 Series Feelworld F5

Today we will be taking a look at a rather affordable 5 inch full HD monitor which is particularly useful for the 4k recording mirrorless cameras like the Sony a7 series and similar.

YouTube: VintageLensesForVideo

As you see the front of the monitor is very minimalistic it has very slim results unlike my previous 5 inch monitor which I'll like it was twice bigger to be honest because it had those massive buttons on the bottom and really big vessels around the actual screen and I really like how minimalistic this is.

portable 5’’ monitor

If we swing it to the back you can see that the only thing we have here is the battery plate and the nice thing about this battery plate is that you can put both Sony NPF and canons LP-E6 batteries onto the same plate, most of us have either one of those batteries.

small hd monitor 502

The HDMI in and out so you can look through into another monitor for example if you have a director on a shoot and you want them to have their own one so they can look at and not try to squeeze in to your camera space this is what you can use it for and I've used it already and that's a really cool feature again I haven't really seen it in the cheapest monitors. 

sokani 5in monitor

There f1 and f2 buttons are they functional bottoms where you can preset your favorite features from the monitor. On f1 I have the zoom recycles through various punch in modes to get really close to the action which can be particularly useful on this camera especially 4k mode. If you have this camera you know that once start recording the screen kind of goes a bit blurry and you can't really judge the sharpness but you can from the monitor especially with all the ability to punch in very close. And that's my favorite focusing aid my favorite exposure aid on this monitor is the false color that's what I have on f2 and from this I can change the exposure from any part of my image. At the same time I'm not reserved to just one re value as I am with zebras is a feature that is generally reserved for high-end cameras so with this $160 monitor you can have it on any camera and that's really nice.

5.5 inch 4k monitor

We'll have all the zoom features which will help you with focusing like I said my favorite feature is just a simple zoom function which cycles between 4, 9 and 16 times. But if for some reason you prefer it to be slightly different and there is a lot of adjustment here.

The setting which is something that I haven't seen before as you know if you are an anamorphic lens user, some anamorphic lenses can be very specific in their stretch so rather than being 1.3. They are often 1.33 which you can preset here or sometimes they can be between 1.5 and 2. So some of them are around 1.7 and with a user function you can actually preset exact stretch of your anamorphic scope this is something that I haven't seen on any budget money.

5 inch lcd monitor camera

5 inch moniter

The color is really good, it's a rec.709 calibrated monitor so you get pretty accurate colors. If you are looking for a very affordable 5 inch full HD monitor for your mirrorless camera highly recommend checking this FEELWORLD f5 monitor.


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