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The 3 Best Camera Angles for Streaming Graduations

Graduation is an important event for anyone who has been a part of a high school, college, or university. It is a celebration of students’ biggest achievement. They give years of hard work and dedication to celebrate this day. Not only students but everyone who has been with them in their journey wants to join the graduation ceremony. Significant advancements in technology have now made it possible to live stream graduations and include everyone in the celebration.


Why Live Stream Graduations?


Many of the graduates’ friends, family members, and associates wish to attend the ceremony, but long and arduous travel prevents them. Moreover, as the coronavirus is making rounds across the globe, it is not possible for everyone to be physically present at the event. Broadcasting graduations can help you ensure no one misses the big day, no matter who they are, no matter where they are. Broadcasting your event can yield many benefits, including improved flexibility and reduced costs of the event.



In this article, I will introduce three most important camera angles you need for live a graduation.


NO.1 Wide Shot


A wide shot, also called a long shot or a full shot, is a shot that shows the subject within their surrounding environment. A wide shot tells the audience who is in the scene, where the scene is set, and when the scene takes place.


NO.2 Podium Shot

A podium shot is a must because you want to get close to the action. You will gonna shot the presenter, you will gonna shot the speaker, you will gonna shot everything on stage.


NO.3 Bonus Shot

There are always certain students who have especially excelled in their work and extracurriculars. The school will select the works of individual students and encourage her/him to make some comments to the audience. Therefore, it is necessary to set up a stand on the stage, front left or front right, take some specific shots, specifics, etc., taking into account the audience.


FEELWORLD LIVEPRO L1 V1 is one of the advanced solutions that help you live stream your events with multi cameras.


Why Stream Graduation Ceremonies with FEELWORLD LIVEPRO L1 V1?


The FeelWorld LIVEPRO L1 V1 is a multi-format live streaming mini switcher designed as an affordable solution for direct or remote single-user operation. It supports up to four 1080p60 HDMI sources, including cameras and gaming systems, as well as compatible laptops and desktops where you can pull up PowerPoint slides, video clips, and web pages. You can switch between the four signals with push buttons and a T-bar while outputting PGM over a USB 3.0 connection to popular platforms and applications such as YouTube, vMix, and OBS. Cameras can be set up at different angles and you can switch between close-up and wide shots. The LIVEPRO L1 V1 can be used for all types of online productions, training projects, and live events.


Live Switching

Switch between your four signals by pressing the corresponding button on the top panel and then switching the T-bar when the button begins flashing. The button turns red to indicate the signal is live.


6-Channel PVW

When connected to a local monitor, the LIVEPRO L1 V1 displays a six-channel preview of four inputs, PGM, and PST, along with an audio meter, and nine layouts can be set up for PiP, useful for large-scale productions.


USB 3.0 Live Streaming

Connected to a computer over the USB interface, the LIVEPRO is recognized as a webcam and can be used with any UVC-compatible platform, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Zoom.


Heat Dissipation

A fan on the bottom improves heat dissipation and can be turned on and off via a switch as needed.


By using FEELWORLD LIVEPRO L1 V1 for live streaming the graduation ceremony, you can make the event easier to attend for native and remote students, college alumni, staff, parents, and associates of the graduates. You can deploy multiple cameras and capture various scenes that you can switch in between as you wish.


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