Camera Monitor for Sony Canon Nikon | FEELWORLD f6 PLUS 5.5 Inch Touchscreen 3D LUT

⚡️Touch Monitor for Sony Canon Nikon Cameras - FEELWORLD F6 PLUS

Review of the FEELWORLD F6 PLUS, a video monitor for Sony, Canon, Nikon or Panasonic cameras, with support for 5.5 inch Full HD resolution, fully touch and compatible with LUTS, lightweight setup for camera and gimbal.



We are going to talk about this monitor for video and photography and the first thing why use such a monitor?

Obviously a fact is that the camera screen is very small if we want to control the focus well, the bigger the better and easier, if we are recording outdoors with a lot of light the camera screen can be not enough brilliant, and the monitors usually yes they are also many times look the camera screen is very difficult or impossible, for example when you're using gimbal or shoulder supports the monitor, allows you more flexibility to know at all times what you are recording.


Very interesting most important things about this monitor what's new we have compared to other models, we have a completely interface redesigned before we had a lot of buttons, and now we only have button power on and menu button, this is because mainly to that screen now is touch screen easy to access menu, management touch by sliding the left part to turn the screen brightness here on the right part the volume, if we double-click in the center of the screen we access the full menu, and sliding down above we access the menu with the settings fast with the touch screen in addition to handle yourself through the different menus, you can simply zoom the screen as you would on a smartphone finger paint is very intuitive.


We can apply LUT directly here load by SD Card.


Review by: Tecnomad

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