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FILMEN LERNEN 👉 Focus Assist Camera Monitor FEELWORLD F6 PLUS

FILMEN LERNEN 👉 Focus Assist Camera Monitor FEELWORLD F6 PLUS

Why we need FEELWORLD F6 PLUS 5.5 inch touch screen 3D LUT field monitor?

We have to keep a lot of parameters in mind while filming and often we cannot afford to waste our time having a video at the end of the shoot that is either too bright, too dark, too loud, too quiet or is just out of focus. A simple field monitor can solve many of these problems. We not only see everything larger and sharper through it, but it also offers a whole range of useful additional features, such as false color, histogram, focus peaking in all colors, auxiliary lines in all colors, focus magnifier, tone level, etc.! The devices are now finally available with LUTs and touchscreen, but see for yourself.


😉 Review by: AmazingNature Alpha


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