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How to Choose a Softbox for Beginner?

How to Choose a Softbox for Beginner?

Softboxes are a studio photographer's best friend.Their design is entirely responsible for reducing the quality of light that photographers love. Most softboxes are mounted on a stand. The light is then directed at the subject of your photos so that it is evenly distributed. The larger the softbox, the broader the area it can cover.

What is a softbox shape used for?

Different shapes cover different areas and have different falloffs. Choosing the shape of your light will depend greatly on what you are shooting.


Rectangular softboxes

Rectangular softboxes are great for vertical portraits and compositions because of their vertical length. They can also be rotated for wider, horizontal compositions.This is one of the most popular choices for fashion, food, product, and e-commerce photography.The reason is that the quality of the light is soft, easily changed, and flattering. Moving the softbox to a different angle, or taking it further away from the subject changes the shadow direction and the hardness of the light.

——FEELWORLD FSR90 Rectangular Softbox 60X90cm(Bowens Mount)

——FEELWORLD FSR120 Rectangular Softbox 30X120cm(Bowens Mount)


Lantern softboxes

Lantern softboxes make it appealing for videographers and photographers who require an evenly lit scene/set, such as baby photography, interior photography or portrait photography. The light produced from these softboxes is extremely soft and offers an even spread of light with flattering light drop-off.They give off an omnidirectional light, due to the lantern shape, and that is why they differ from the traditional softbox.

——FEELWORLD FSL65 Parabolic Softbox 65cm/25.6” (Bowens Mount)

Lantern softboxes

Parabolic softbox

Parabolic softbox suitable for your studio. It is the perfect choice for fashion and portrait photographers. The greater surface area and larger size reduce shadows, making skin flawless and products present with even lighting. Do consider the size of your studio space, as not all parabolic softboxes are the same size. If 120cm is too large for your studio, consider a 60cm or 90cm parabolic softbox. These modifiers feature a Bowens mount so can be paired with any compatible lighting options.

The FEELWORLD Parabolic Softbox range offers even more control with the included grid. This handy accessory will help angle and focus the light to get the desired lighting effect. These softboxes are also fully collapsible so are easy to set up and pack up.

——FEELWORLD FSP60 Parabolic Softbox 60cm/23.6” (Bowens Mount)

——FEELWORLD FSP90 Parabolic Softbox 90cm/35.4” (Bowens Mount)

Parabolic Softbox

Best softbox lights

Softboxes are a workhorse in the studio. Choosing the best one to buy, however, can be quite difficult. So we put together the ultimate buying guide so that you can purchase the best soft box light for your needs and projects.The following is a comparison of the five FEELWORLD softboxes:


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