FeelWorld FW 568. On-camera monitor overview.

The other 2 dings are minor - the side-mount with a bracket is kinda cool, but most of us are used to mounting these from the bottom. To bottom mount the monitor, you have to remove a small part and move it from the side to the bottom.

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 FEEIWORLD FW568 monitor seems like the monitor should show up with at least 2 mounting points. Also, the supplied bracket lets you tilt the monitor but not rotate it (I've found when I'm running camera with an interviewer, the subject will keep glancing at me/the camera; if I rotate my monitor so I'm not facing the subject at all, that behavior stops - it works like a charm, try it sometime). These little screens are great for odd rigs, crazy angles, cranes, shooting very low or high, and the old-school ball and socket mount lets you get the monitor aimed where you need it pretty quickly. 

sony camera monitorAnd one more minor quibble - multiple zoom levels, but not a true 1:1 level, as far as I can tell. On the plus side, assign an Fkey to Zoom, and each press cycles through the zoom range - in my experience most small monitors are 1:1 or no-zoom until you get up there in price, so the extra levels could be handy. Peaking is fine, and I use the third f button for check-fields; I often frame with the camera's monitor and ride focus with the external zoomed in 1:1 with peaking and monochrome (I find peaking is much clearer with mono vs. color). I shoot almost all 4K for a 1080 timeline, and the screen looks just fine regardless of footage resolution. HDMI out is nice, no splitter needed for multiple monitor gigs.hd focus monitorThis is a great monitor. Great quality. Very bright great for the Sony mirror less camera‘s. The issue with the Canon battery being tough to remove and install is true but after to take the battery on and off a few times it’s fine. Just make sure you press the battery release button. It’s a great monitor very useful or production or casual monitor for sonyhdmi monitor on cameraThis monitor is just amazing! Shoot a Sony A7III and this monitor is just a perfect addition to gear. It is super light which won’t affect the weight of my rig too much. I love the customizable buttons (which I set to Histogram, Focus Peaking, and Flip Image for shooting underslung). The image quality is just mind blowing. I absolutely recommend this monitor hands down.dslr screen monitor




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