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I want to talk about by the way all this is in the description below is a monitor from FEELWORLD.

Youtube Channel: @DSLR Video Shooter

You guys probably have seen videos on this channel I've talked about FEELWORLD monitors before. It's a Chinese company and they make great stuff on a budget another company that similar is like Andy cine, but what's interesting about this monitor and I apologize for the black background I just realized that was Terrell idea is the brightness on this. So this is a 2200 NIT brightness monitor. Actually still have the plastic on so it's thinking about you guys making sure we get that let me get the reflection just right something like external screenThis guy is insanely bright we're gonna g o ahead and turn it on let me turn it on I'm using on a GH 5 right now, so the cameras on and now we'll power up the monitor try to hold it near my face so you can see absolutely how crazily bright this thing is, that is really really bright so if you're looking for an outdoor 7-inch monitors the size of this one. It's gonna work great for anytime you need a monitor the latency is not good but that's I'm just finding with these modern cameras, just they're all bad and I think it's the cameras some are better than others some monitors do a little better than others but it just seems to be a thing or all these monitors are using the same processor. sony external monitor kitI don't know, but this one comes at a couple different models I'll have the link in the description but there's a HDMI in and out version this one has HDMI and SDI, so you can you know have a lot of flexibility with your signals there. And it has a lot of features so there's your false-color it's got all that kind of stuff: peaking, zebras, anamorphic mode, zoom modes you can program it to a couple different buttons, all that kind of stuff. small hd sony camera monitorSo not anything revolutionary but the brightness is new so I would keep an eye on these companies. I think over time we're gonna see them start to get really really good so I would not be surprised at all if let's say five years from now companies like these are making affordable you know small HD, so they're gonna catch up someday, it's pretty interesting stuff and I like keeping an eye on kind of this lower budget and stuff. It's not you know anything revolutionary but something to keep an eye on and pricing, I want to say it's between two and three hundred dollars depending on if you go with SDI or not very very sharp it's a 1080p display and it does except for case signals so your camera isn't having to work extra hard to downscale that. So this would bewonderful as a studio youtube style .small hd sony monitor



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