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Feelworld F5 Camera Monitor

The FEELWORLD F5 is a 5 inch full HD monitor. Most monitors out there are seven inch monitors but I find 7-inch too big so I found five inch the perfect size.

Youtube Channel: @Video DSLR Tutorial

The monitor gets attached to the camera by a hot shoe, fortunately it provides and attachment for hot shoe so I can still attach my microphone to it. hdmi camera monitorFEELWORLD F5 monitor and camera get connected by the included HDMI to micro HDMI cable. I should probably look for an even shorter cable for it the monitor can handle 4k HDMI input and output to power the monitor cordless you need to buy a npf 970 battery and a battery charger. The monitor comes with a lot of useful features, for me most important is that I can see the histogram and audiometer that I can use focus peaking and that there is an option to zoom in.monitor for camera

The monitor also has an audio connector which is very useful because my sony alpha cameras don't have that. The image quality of the monitor is excellent I can adjust the focus a lot better than other monitor of my sony camera.monitor dslrThere is also a sunshield included that can be easily attached the monitor can also be connected to a gimbal with it attached I can see a lot better what I actually film. The monitor has a good size is light and easy to use.

If you are looking for a monitor to attach clear camera this one is a good and affordable monitor



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