Compact monitor for your DSLR or gimbal - FEELWORLD FW568

FEELWORLD F5 is an external monitor for you on your SLR camera or what I know everything has for cameras then you can, for example if you filmer since also to control the sharpness who deal with the manual focus works like me.

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Maybe it is important and who of course a gimmick used and no car focus on his camera has here it is always better too. See if an object is now in focus or not children's side a few more important characteristics you have one histogram you can search rhine for her could.  There is this topic that shows you whether overexposed now or not and you can of course also show grid lines, do not care to pack under wrong hd monitorThe monitor is beautiful processing quality but feels very good here on the back so you understand how that whole works. Here the Sony F970 battery can be used in such a way and if you do not used and rather a Canon LP-E6 battery. Just slide in the plate side.5.5'' screens for cameras5.5 inch screen hdmiHere are hdmi in hdmi out dc in, 12 volt dc to 8.4. want a connection for a usb. The arm or a tripod connection to the quite a lot of buttons on the side. I have no screen possibility more an external microphone but you did it here, you can also an external microphone join if you want it or because a flash or video light as well this part could always be up here. So you understand the angle high down high are perfect. Whole still reflect that means you can then see your display and about the monitor look.feelworld f570 5.7″ 4kI have this monitor only want to control the sharpness when I am outside. The display of my camera is too small and it is just important to me that can control the sharpness. I need the monitor for that people out there that much professional films that need.


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