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Beginner's Guide to Live Game Streaming | Setup

Beginner's Guide to Live Game Streaming | Setup

When you plan to start streaming your game, there are some basic essentials you need to get started, if budget is an issue for you, the most important things to consider are: Internet, streaming software, PC/Mac and audio and visual peripherals.


A stable internet

One of the keys to a successful stream is an stable internet connection. Head on to cheek you internet speed. It is recommended to have a stream upload speed of 8 but it is possible to go slightly lower than that and still maintain a good quality stream.


Streaming software

There are many options when it comes to streaming software. Twitch Studio is a great place to start as a beginner streamer, however, you can also run OBS, XSplit or others.



A live streaming video platform that allows gamers to stream their games for others to watch while they play.



OBS Studio is an on-premise video recording and live-streaming solution that is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. OBS Studio allows users to create videos using multiple sources/media including browser window captures and recordings, uploaded images, text annotations, webcam video, plus more.



XSplit is a trusted live streaming and recording software for gaming, presentations and live events. Start streaming on Twitch or YouTube for FREE.



Running your stream software will be the main task on your PC or Mac. So it is essential to make sure it has the enough CPU to run a basic game, webcam/audio software, and your broadcasting software.



Providing good audio can significantly change the perception of your stream, and sometimes even make or break the entire viewing experience for your audience. If the area you streaming is noisy, a dynamic microphone is fitter which will pick only what is directed.While condensed microphone is fit for soundproofed area which will pick up lots of environmental sound. The right audio equipments will thrive your streaming.



If you do plan to stream with a camera in order to show your facial reactions as many game streamers do, what you should consider however, are aspects like camera location, angle, lighting, and positioning. You can even set more than one camera angle through a video switcher.

More details about multi-camera setup.



The above is a basic introduction about the setups, if you are interested in related content, you can leave us a message.


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