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How to live stream church services?

How to live stream church services?

Why live stream church services?

Every week, more churches around the world are live-streaming their worship services. Live streaming church services makes it possible to reach new and distant attendees as well as long-time congregation members who can't always make it in person. Church live streams allow your congregation to engage with your message in real-time and even revisit a sermon if they miss it live. It’s a powerful way to keep your community of faith connected through worship, music, and prayer.

What challenges we will face with live streaming about church?

1Improve engagement: Broadcasting a church service can help you reach worshippers who may otherwise not be able to attend in-house worship. let's also the perfect medium to bring in new congregants.

2Not being knowledgeable about equipment: There are many types of live-streaming equipment on the market now, so you probably don't know how to choose the right one for you.

3Saving time and money: Avoid the hidden costs and time associated with using the wrong technology for your church.

4Operation: Installing and packing up equipment is a key element of the portable church experience. You can avoid that by making sure that your equipment allows for efficient and easy setting up and tearing down.



What equipment do you need to church services?

(1)Streaming Camera: One of the most functional and versatile options for churches of all sizes is the PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) camera. PTZ cameras support remote while using much less space and can run more than one camera from a single control location.

(2)PTZ Camera Controller: PTZ camera keyboard controller that enables you to remotely control the speed of pan, tilt, and zoom. Precise adjustment for PTZ camera movement and settings and quickly sets various parameters.

(3)Video Switcher: When we live streaming with multiple cameras, there will be multiple feeds, then you need a video switcher to switch between the camera signal.

(4)External Monitor: You can still add an additional HDMI external monitor according to your needs, to achieve a larger screen of multi-camera monitoring.

(5)Mic: Besides stellar video quality, good sound quality is equally crucial in making first and lasting impressions during live streams. Attaining the exact peaceful environment of the church online can be a challenge, but that's where having a good microphone comes in handy. It can help the pastor's message be heard loud and clear, and balance the sound of the music or band in the background – bringing it all together.

 (6)PC:While you can use your smartphone for live streaming your church service (covered later in this guide), using a PC is a better alternative – thanks to the ease of use and control it offers. Also, ensure that it should have at least 4 GB of ram and a 2Ghz Dual-Core Processor for smooth functioning.

(7)Make sure you have a stable Internet connection

For a more stable Internet connection, try using an Ethernet cable instead of WiFi. in addition, disconnect other devices from your network when you are streaming. Close all applications or programs on your computer that you are not using for streaming and always keep your computer and modem up to date. To prevent losing your view, start testing your Internet speed using a site such as Here are some other tips to make sure your Internet connection is stable.

[1]Upgrade your bandwidth or the amount of data you can upload to the highest available data.

[2]Let any other family members, roommates,or co-workers share your space to stay offline for the duration of your broadcast.

[3]Use your phone's hotspot as a worst-case scenario backup.

[4]Test your technology, including audio and video quality.


How to setup live streaming solution for church?

FEELWORLD offers a range of small & medium & larger church solutions that save you a ton of time and headaches. There’s no need to make your own road. Follow this system. It works!

Small & Medium Church(50-100 people)

small church live streaming

The most important thing to consider when setting up a live stream for a small church is to ensure that the equipment and software are reliable and easy to use.

First, we recommend 2 x FEELWORLD 4K12X PTZ cameras. one to capture the church environment and one to capture the clergyman.

Connect the PTZ camera, FEELWORLD L1 Plus video switcher and PC to the network switch via LAN, PTZ and FEELWORLD L1 Plus video switcher in the same LAN, so that the L1 PLUS panel can easily control the PTZ camera via IP.

Finally, through the FEELWORLD L1 Plus video switcher USB USB3.0 interface, it can be exported to various live streaming platforms on the computer for worshippers or Protestants to watch.samll church live streaming solution


Larger Church(More than 100 people)

 Larger church live streaming solution

The most important thing to consider when setting up a live stream for a large church is to ensure that the equipment and software are reliable and can handle a high volume of traffic.

For larger churches, you will need more footage from multiple-camera live streams. At this point, you may want to consider owning three PTZ cameras to get more footage of the cathedral.

Connect the PTZ cameras, PTZ controller to a network switch via LAN, PTZ and PTZ controller are in the same LAN, so that PTZ controller can easily control PTZ cameras via IP to capture wonderful moments in the church.

The FEELWORLD L2 Plus video switcher supports 4HDMI IN and connects 3 FEELWORLD 4K12X PTZ cameras and PC PPT for multi-camera live broadcasting, to various platforms via USB 3.0, church live streaming can be easily realized.


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