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LAIZESKE W1000S-T HDMI SDI Wireless Video Transmission System Transmitter for Director and Photographer

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 . Stock in US, EU, JP, AU, RU local warehouse and delivered by Amazon logistics

US/ RU: 3-7 days delivery
EU/ AU: 3-10 days delivery
JP: 2-3 days delivery

. Shiping Worldwide 200+ Country:7-10days delivery

. Warranty: One year warranty time and 14 days return and refund for US, EU, JP, AU, RU.

VAT for EU customers: The VAT is asked by EU government, and it will be charged when you place the order even if you buy our products on our Amazon Store. There is no difference wherever you buy it, and the VAT is included in the price on those online shopping plates.

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LAIZESKE W1000S V1.19 Main Contents Update

 Version Content Update
V1.19 Optimized the signal delay and the image abnormal mosaic phenomenon because of 24/25hz recognition error

1.Optimize the problem of audio and video out of sync

2.Optimize the frame loss problem, default to turn off the full deplex, can be turn on manually if needed


1. Added Chinese on language

2.Modify the battery level display of battery

3.Modify the default image quality priority, which used to be the latency pripority


Please click here to donwload the update.

 The Laizeske W1000S FAQ Setting Method:

Q: Connection State, the screen appears mosaic or the signal connection is unstable?
A:It means that there is a wifi signal close to the transmission frequency, you can re-select another channel.
Only the receiver is allowed to adjust the channel in the connected state, press the up and down keys to select the channel, and press the menu key in the middle to confirm the channel.

Q: Unconnection State, the transmitter and receiver cannot be connected?
A: Please turn off the transmitter and receiver, and turn them on again at the same time, press the menu button in the middle, enter the WPS mode and turn it on, then it will pair automaticly.

1. When signal frequency is weak, please try to choose another channel with a wider frequency span. (For instance, the signal of channel 10 is weak, please choose channel 1 or 6, but not channel 9 or channel 11)
2. The poor wifi reception of the mobile phone is related to the brand and model of the mobile phone. Please try different mobile phones.



W1000S adopts 5G wifi transmission technology, which can well avoid the influence of 2.4G signals in the environment, such as wifi signal interference caused by your household appliances, wireless mouse, etc., and has built-in up to 13 channels to ensure transmission stability and low latency.

1. However, the influence of environmental factors on the delay of wifi transmission is inevitable. We recommend that you do a wifi signal test before starting your shooting, and turn off or stay away wifi signal sources that may have an impact and select the best signal channel.

2. Please make sure your camera output setting is 1080p and 50-60fps. Other settings may affect the delay and transmission stability.

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