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What do you need to know about PTZ camera?

What do you need to know about PTZ camera?

What is a PTZ camera?

It has become a buzzword in the technology industry, but many people don't know what the term PTZ camera means. PTZ is pan, tilt, zoom robotic camera.

Why use ptz cameras?
PTZ cameras are perfect for video projects and they can be controlled remotely by an off-site camera operator. Once the PTZ camera is installed in your space, then it's time to start live streaming, the remote operator just need to activates the camera and shoots from there. Your remote camera operator chooses the best time to pan, tilt and zoom so that the focus is always on your subject. Remote-controlled PTZ cameras make live streaming easy. FEELWORLD POE PTZ  has up to 255 preset positions via WEBSEVER and Power over Ethernet, the secret to switching different angles quickly during live streaming.

PTZ camera

Are there different types of ptz cameras?
The types of ptz cameras are generally classified according to their optical zoom and video output options.
(1)Optical Zoom
Optical zoom is a camera feature that allows you to enhance the image quality when zooming. For example, optical PTZ cameras offer 12x, 20x, and 30x optical zooms.
(2)Video Output
In a zone, the video output is the connection can be used to carry video and audio from the camera to the system. Its video outputs include sdi, HDMI and usb, poe, ndi connections.
SDI: The plug-and-play feature makes this cable a favorite in video production. These cables are capable of sending 3G (3 Gb data), 6G (6 Gb data) and even 12G (12 Gb data)
HDMI: It is popular because it can be integrated with almost any consumer device, is cheaper than SDI, and runs 50 feet without degrading the signal quality.
USB:It is a a plug-and-play cable for PTZ cameras. FEELWORLD USB cameras can provide video connectivity for any live streaming or video production software, just like you would connect a webcam to a laptop.
POE: It is one of the most widely used and open source video transmission protocols, a single Ethernet cable can now be used for low latency IP video, camera control and can use PoE (Power over Ethernet)
NDI: It is a proprietary protocol that requires a NewTek license, but reduces latency and makes it easy to discover and set up NDI cameras.

How to control the ptz camera?

There are a variety of ways to control your camera from nearby or remote locations.
Infrared remote control, joystick controller, and WBESREVER software to operate it from a remote location.
The FEELWORLD PTZ CAMERA is also controlled by a FEELWORLD L2 PLUS live switch connected to the same network, allowing remote control and multi-camera live streaming.

remote control, joystick controller, and WBESREVER software

Where can Ptz camera be installed?
1.Wall Mount - Wall mounts can provide a unique line-of-sight horizontal view or be placed on a balcony to provide an overview of a large space.

2.Ceiling Mount- Ceiling mounts can provide a view from above and can be used to display angular views of documents or scenes.

3.Pole Mount - Pole mounts can be used to position the camera safely above the crowd. A typical example is in a church with a vaulted ceiling. In this case, the ceiling mount would be too high above, but a pole mount can safely place the camera 10-15 meters below the vaulted ceiling. 

 Ptz camera be installed

What scenarios is PTZ suitable for application?

PTZ cameras have obvious advantages and can be applied in many large scenarios.
For example:
(1)Live church: the camera is small and easy to operate will not interfere with the entire order process of the church.
(2)Video conferencing: remote control, improve the efficiency of the meeting.
(3)Sports events: close-ups of people, details, no need to worry about blurred images.
(4)Online education: interactive teaching can be achieved.

PTZ suitable for application


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