TEST FEELWORLD F5 - Camera Monitor at LESS than 160€

YouTube Channel: Derrière La Caméra

FEELWORLD is a specialized company mainly in the manufacture of LCD display technology. They have different sizes monitors for broadcast.
The F5 is a 5 inch little lighter monitor that supports 4k HDMI is an entry level monitor. It is a low price monitor around 160 euros. It's super convenient we can use it, for example, it have a screen adjustable if your camera does not have the lcd screen and well it's going to be super convenient one can use it. on a stabilizer for have a better visibility of action or in order to have lower exposure tools more complete.

Start by seeing what is present in the package we receive, it has the feelworld monitor f5, sunshade with velcro, a cable hdmi to micro hdmi, swing arm as well as a small English manual. Note that file provides the charger adapter and the two types of batteries as part of my test.

sony mark 3

Now we attack the monitor features, first the weight of the f5 is really very light he weighs about 142 grams and in depth about 25 mm which makes it compact enough at of the screen.

a7iii sony

The screen looks like 16/9 and has an image in 1920 by 1080, also the f5 supports profiles standard as well as the hd video in good standing 709, otherwise at the level of the fluidity of the signal of the quality of the connection hdmi i did not notice any latency or in any case very very little. The screen is in good state no scratches and then there is a small plastic filter protection on the screen that can be removed.

sony alpha 7r iii

In terms of interface, F5 monitor has a micro USB port for upgrade firmware, a 3.5mm headphone output, a DC output which will allow us powering the monitor with dummy battery.
Then on the left side, we has a DC input and HDMI input and output. The hdmi out that allows us to circulate the video signal. So we can plug it in another monitor that can use a hf video transmitter to transmit the signal or we can connect for example to a projector. And the hdmi input for receive the signal from the camera there. This monitor f5 supports the 4k ultra hd up to 30 fps, the 4k dci at 24 fps and full hd up to 60 fps at this price.

sony alpha 7 iii

canon m5

on the side right the mount point we have a hole threaded a quarter inch, so you can use the support arm that is provided. So here I just have to tighten is at the other end and well slip the support on the top of the camera. It's still pretty easy to use and to install.
What is the interest ultimately I to use a monitor first possibility of use I make videos for youtube or in another context I want to film myself but the screen of the camera is not rotatable at 180 degrees. There it's going to be interesting to have a monitor then with the f5 we have several possibilities.
Either I use a small hot shoe mount on the top of the camera to do this, unscrew the small mounting point. If you lose too much time to unscrewed it and hand it over to other place. It's also sold as an accessory, you can in buy it extra. Here it works or even more practice one can use the arm of rotary attachment always on the top of the camera the interest is that we will can easily rotate the screen.
Other interesting element of the arm, we also have a cold shoe on the side to receive for example a microphone. So that's super convenient no need to have an additional accessory a another adapter or a magic arm there. It's really all in one.
The f5 is super compact and lightweight. It's going to be really the ideal of the couple with a stabilizer to not to add too much weight. If you're interested then either I directly target the monitor at the plate or for better maneuverability I can use a little magic arm that's pretty handy. It is a good solution to go through a external monitor.

dslr canon

FEELWORLD F5 Monitor + Canon EOS M50 + Zhiyun Stabilizer

On the back of monitor we find the location for the battery and there it's interesting there are two slots for batteries. We will be able to install Sony F batteries and the Canon LP-E6 batteries. So it's rather convenient.

canon dslr camera

Then we will go to the menus in pressing the button we have next to them different arrow to navigate, so we can adjust the corresponding parameters.
We can adjust the brightness, saturation and contrast of image, the image ratio, the position of the window of the menu, backlight, zoom, Center Marker, Safe Frames, Nine Grid, Image Freeze, Anamorphic, Histogram, False Colors, Focus Assist, Over Exposure, Embedded Audio function etc. And then finally last tab we have two function keys to customize.
Other interest to use a monitor external is to have access to a little more tools slabs exposures especially when we film in log is essential to know if we optimize properly. We have the false color with the small scale of reference that too it can be convenient. some people like it use it and that finally we found little on the big cameras public. We can also zoom up to 16 times in the picture for check or debug.

sony 7r3

Increase the brightness in full sun by the way in the latter case as much more accurate outside the screen is well legible and we can always increase the brightness in full sun by the way in the latter case as much use the little sunshade. In addition with velcro that is already present installs pretty quickly.

a7 iii sony

Now we express my opinion on the feelworld f5 and well it's already a device that costs around 160 euros and for this price range for this product range. We're on a pretty interesting monitor. It is positive that it is very compact very light enough bright. Menu is pretty detailed and understandably. We have two keys function that will be customizable, also the screen can be powered on sector or so we can make use of different batteries so that's it quite practical. We have a small sun protection system. Has the arm this support that allows to have a swiveling screen at 180 plus the small catch hooves for the microphone.

sony a7r iii

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