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Super Bright, Affordable 7 Inch Monitor - Feelworld FW279S

Review by: Scott Dumas
Have you often been frustrated before you are standing two or three meters in front of the camera and you are trying to make sure everything you shoot is in focus? And trying to make sure that your framing is okay?
Having the Feelworld FW279S 7 INCH ULTRA BRIGHT
monitor with you are just a lifesaver and it was totally different from what you've been working with before! 
dslr camera of cannoncannon ios
2200 nits, SDI & HDMI, Feelworld FW279S 7 inches and surprisingly affordable, there is also the non-s (sdi) version provided, it is actually save a good amount of money! 
cannon d camera
7 inch monitor
Feelworld FW279S+ Canon EOS C200/C100
Check out the Feelworld FW279/FW279S MONITORS!       
cannon nikon camera monitor

                ORDER LINKS: FEELWORLD FW279S 7 INCH ULTRA BRIGHT MONITOR                                                                                                                                                     



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