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 FEELWORLD FW279 it's a full HD monitor with 2200 nits of brightness. So it's very bright that means you can use this outside in direct sun without any problems, good option is something kind of like this ultra bright monitor. 

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This comes in at a fraction of the price point and I've been generally impressed with it it's definitely not up to the level of a professional monitor this is a much lighter plastic. I've probably put about 50 hours of use into this monitor so far and it generally works and it's sharp enough to work I can pull focus on.  
small hd monitor 5 inch
I'm not a huge fan of the user interface there's only a few buttons to use also out of the box it didn't look super calibrated so I have to go into the menu and just darken the image a little bit but that's not that hard to do also keep in mind that. There's only one mounting point on the bottom so if you want to attach accessories like sometimes you want to attach like a teradeck, receiver or something like that.feelworld f570 monitordslr 5.7 monitor

FEELWORLD FW279S 2200 nits ultra bright field monitor has HDMI & SDI in and out and it can also accept full cinema 4k signals so it will work with all the 4k cameras out there. The great monitors are powered by the Sony NPF style batteries which are easy to find online.field monitor 5 inch

You're gonna have to come up with some creative solutions and also I can't say for sure what the longevity of this monitor is I doubt that it lasts as long as the pro level monitors. But you know if you're shooting on a DSLR using manual lenses this is gonna be a huge step up from what you're using right now. So in that I can recommend it.



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