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How to use L1 PLUS control the 4K12X PTZ camera?

How to use L1 PLUS control the 4K12X PTZ camera?

Reason to change: You need to change 4K12X and L1 PLUS to the IP segment of the router before you can call it.

1. First you need to know the IP of the router, which can be obtained directly through PC/or viewed through L1 PLUS DHCP.

Method 1: Check the router IP from L1 PLUS

-Connect the router with L1 PLUS, check IP from L1 PLUS like step below, then the showing is your router IP, it might not the same address like screenshot since each router are not the same IP, note your router IP, we will use this IP later!

Method 2: Check the router IP from computer(Here you need to make sure your computer use the same router)




2. Get the IP of 4K12X: - Connect the 4K12X with a monitor by HDMI OUTPUT, then you will see the IP address of 4K12X in the left corner of monitor, note this IP address. The default 4K12X IP address is

3. Change your computer IP as IP of 4K12X in point 2(, need to modify both IP address and default gateway Note: You only need to modify the IP addresses of the first three segments, and the last segment can be retained as it is.

Same place to where you check your IP address



4. Use the LAN cable to connect the computer with 4K12X directly so that you can change the 4K12X’s IP address

5. Enter the 4K12X IP address( that you got in point 2 in the browser to open the web and modify the 4K12X IP address. The default user and password are both “admin”

6. Change the 4K12X IP address from to your router address in point 1 - Click “configuration” button

-Click Ethernet

-Change the IP address as your computer address in point 1, in this example, our router IP address is 192.168.5. xxx, and we change it as “”, after save, there will be a notice, you need to restart the 4K12X, then IP save successfully.

As you can see, we restart the 4K12X, and now its IP is is a example, your IP will be diffient with us)

7. Change the IP address of your computer back to the original one in point 1 to make sure your computer can work with the net like before.

8. Connect the 4K12X and L1 PLUS to the same router by LAN cable

9. Find the PTZ control in L1 PLUS and swipe left, then enter the changed 4K12X IP address in it and start to control Note:each 4 segments of the IP address to enter in L1 PLUS need to be same as what you saved in point 6, for example, if it is, then you need to enter in L1 PLUS, can not be

10. If it is not work, check the setting of 4K12X if it opened ai tracking function, if ai tracking open, then the remote control of L1 PLUS won’t work.

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