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How to Use a Feelworld FL225B Bi-color Light in Portrait Photography?

Do you want to capture wonderful portrait photos?If so, then you need to master portrait photography lighting.

The joy of portrait photography is that a simple adjustment of light can dramatically change the way our look and feel. They talk about the best expensive portrait camera or the best portrait lens every day, but in fact, the most affordable thing is how to buy a light that can take great photographs with perfect light.

Today I'm going to share James how to use a Feelworld FL225B Bi-color Light to capture the classic Rembrandt light, the even more beautiful Paramount butterfly light, and the rim light ect.


1.Rembrandt Lighting

Whether it's videography or photography, camera or phone. All it takes is one Feelworld FL225B Bi-color light and a few simple steps to get it.
The first step is to attach the FSP90 deep parabolic softbox, which creates a soft, directional effect. It also looks much higher than the reflector, moving the light stand so that it is roughly 45 degrees or wider from the head. Next, raise the light to the top of the character
and tilt the shade down. The key is to adjust the position, height, and orientation of the light until a triangular spot appears on the cheek below the eye, in the opposite direction of the main light, of course.
Note that the triangle should be smaller than the eyes and not spoil the shadows from the face. It's very simple if you are careful enough to find the best position.


YTB @詹姆斯摄影

2. Butterfly Lighting

The butterfly light originated from Hollywood, the most classic lighting method in Paramount Pictures. The butterfly light is more suitable for shooting women than the strong contrast between light and dark of Rembrandt's light. The most obvious sign is the creation of a butterfly-shaped shadow underneath the substrate.
Also suitable for single-light photography, the FEELWORLD FL225B and FSP90 deep parabolic softboxes were placed directly above the lens, which Then raise the light stand about 45 degrees to shine down on the face. All lighting is really about the shadows, and we move the height and position of the light stand to control how much shadow is appropriate under the lens until a shadow like a butterfly appears under the camera. It is best not to let the shadows extend to the upper lip. Whether this resembles a butterfly or not is It's all a matter of imagination.
The butterfly light makes the cheeks look thinner and the face more layered. The best way to show Audrey Hepburn's flawless face is with a butterfly light.
Take a picture with a cell phone to see if it is also a butterfly light, which is the benefit of constant light and a fill light that can be used with a phone.


YTB @詹姆斯摄影


In film and movies, you can see a large number of silhouettes, which is a special effect in a single light, and of course, you can use the sunset to shoot the silhouette effect. The silhouette effect can of course be captured using the sunset.
Now, Using a single light with a softbox to simulate this dramatic and strong contrast effect. Using the temperature adjustment function of the FL225B, can simulate the silhouette atmosphere of sunset and white sky, and cooler month light respectively. First, lowered the light to the same height as the height, then adjusted the soft cover to square off, and then the temperature was adjusted to 2700K, emitting a very warm light. Very warm light. Shoot on the side, which means I am at 90 degrees to the softbox so that the face is most visible.
The first is that the focus should also be on the edge of the face or eyes, either with the AF-ON button or by hand. You can use the AF-ON button to focus, or focus directly by hand.
The second is that the metering point should be aligned with the white softbox, and I suggest that manual exposure is easier by shortening the shutter speed until the details of my face are completely gone and only the outline remains. Recommended that the manual exposure is simpler, shortening the speed until the details of the face are completely gone and only the outline remains. The more even the effect of the soft hood, the more natural the silhouette will be.
How do I change it to a cooler, crisper light? You can adjust the color temperature to 6500K directly with the cell phone app and see if the effect is different.


YTB @詹姆斯摄影

 4. Backlight

Slowly adjusting the exposure or metering to the face, is where the white softbox will be completely overexposed and two highlights will appear on the side of the cheeks, so the effect is basically a dark lack of exposure and a highlight overexposure.
No matter how you expose yourself to the left or right, it's actually hard to get a better shot. You must be thinking, "We can just add a fill light in front of it. But what if we don't have a second fill light? But what if we don't have a second fill light? We can use a reflector, or even a white foam board, or even a white bed sheet if we don't have a reflector, to give a hazy look.

YTB @詹姆斯摄影

5. Rim Light

The shot was also very simple, moving the light stand to the backside at about 45 degrees, with the light head shooting straight up, and then placing the black absorbing plate on the opposite side of the light. Instead, we turned the camera 45 degrees to my side, basically at 90 degrees to the light. At this point, you can add the beam grille in front of the softbox and narrow the light to 45 degrees for a clearer orientation. Adjust it to B&W in the post for a super artistic effect.

YTB @詹姆斯摄影

6. Rembrandt Short

Talking about how light makes people thin, I'm sure you don't want to turn it off! The so-called short light, also known as thin light, the principle is to reduce the light surface area, then the opposite is Broad wide light, wide light naturally makes us look fat, which we think not many people will like.
In the same way as Rembrandt's lighting, the only change is that the face looks like a silhouette light with the camera on its side so that the shot will look thin. All lighting styles can be divided into short and wide light with the orientation of my face.


YTB @詹姆斯摄影

7. Top Light

In natural light photography, it is common to take a picture of the top light in the middle of the day, and many people stay away from the top light because of the unsightly shadows. However, top light is the best way to show the details of the product, especially reflective mirror objects, from the top to the bottom of the lighting will not have reflective troubles.
If you shoot what I need to show is not the face but the hair, or shoot the unboxing video is certainly more suitable for top light, the only difficulty is that the ordinary light stand is no way to achieve 90 degrees vertical down, you need a C-type light stand, like this to achieve the perfect single light top light shooting.

YTB @詹姆斯摄影

8. Split

In fact, portraits should avoid this half-light and half-dark effect, most people will not accept the "shaded face", but this is the basis of multi-light lighting. We just need to place the light on my side, at ninety degrees to the light axis. At this point, if we use a reflector on the other side, it becomes very common to split the light and fill the light, which is the same as the backlighting in the front.

YTB @詹姆斯摄影


There are many ways to play with a single light, and different softboxes can be combined to create a variety of effects, which is the true art of using light. Whether it's photography or video, the lighting method is the same. The FEELWORLD light belongs to the category of constant light and is suitable for photo shoots, baby photography, and still life of goods.

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