FIRMWARE Explained Demo FEELWORLD F6 Plus Field Monitor Firmware Update 1.1.2 version with Waveform

Hello dear FEELWORLD F6 PLUS user, in order to improve your experience, we upgrade F6 PLUS firmware update last Version 1.1.2, upgrade include support 50 LUTS, Waveform, Vector scope, Nine Grid, False Color (type2), image flip.

Kevin - The Basic Filmmaker explain firmware with a demo. Some new folks wonder (or forget) the importance of having current firmware updates for their filmmaking tools. He explain this with a demo featuring the FeelWorld F6 Plus Monitor.  Thank you Youtube Channel: Kevin - The Basic Filmmaker  make FEELWORLD F6 PLUS firmware update guide video. Order FEELWORLD F6 PLUS from Official Store:  


Here the feature that F6 plus update:

  1. Interface add DC 5V input: Type-C, you can flexible use mobile phone powerbank to power monitor.
  2. The advance feature add: Waveform, Vector scope, Image Flip(The Horizontal,Vertical and Hor&Ver of the image around flip), Nine Grid, False Color (type2). (Version 1.1.2 solves the problem that version 1.1.0 is not have image flip)


For the old version F6 PLUS (without Type-C) user:

The big different new F6 PLUS with old F6 PLUS is new F6 PLUS add Type-C interface.

For the old version F6 PLUS user, if your F6 PLUS is the old version without Type-C version, you can update the latest firmware version 1.1.2 with Waveform, Vector scope, Image FlipNine Grid, False Color (Type2).



Click firmware upgrade program download.

(Please note: Do not change the name of the upgrade program! This is only for F6 PLUS (without Type-C) user update, if your monitor is Type-C version, don’t use this to update your monitor, we will announce when have the latest version for F6 PLUS (with Type-C))


Proceed as follows -

      1. SD card must be formatted as NTFS. Place the program on the SD card, then insert the SD card into the display .

  1. When you insert the SD card, then turn off the monitor, and take off the batter or the power addapt.
  2. When you achieved the step2, please attach the battery or the power adapt and then turn on the monitor.
  3. Select [Upgrade] on the menu, you should press “firmware 1.x.x” if the “upgrade” menu is not shown on the F6 PLUS.

A progress bar will appear on the screen indicating that the program is being imported.

Just wait for the flashing red and green lights to alternately indicate that it is upgrading.

When the light turns red, the upgrade is complete.

It can be used normally after restarting.


If you have any question about F6 plus firmware update, just feel free contact us via the email:

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