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FEELWORLD LUT6/ LUT6S - 6" Ultra Bright 2600nits Touch Camera Monitor, Daylight Viewable with HDR/ 3D LUT


FEELWORLD LUT6 is a ultra bright 2600nits monitor, which can visible in the sun . Usually shooting outdoor under strong light, especially for individual shooting, if you use a bright monitor , it will save a lot of troubles. With compact design, LUT6 suit for handheld stabilizer. It also contains professional monitoring tools, such as waveform , histograms, vectorscope, etc., allowing you to accurately expose and compose images.


camera monitor


6 inch full HD 1920x1080, 2600nits ultra bright, with the perfect color reproduction, to help you see and capture every detail in full daylight. It is suitable for stabilizer and camera with the compact design.

touch monitor
ultr bright monitor
dslr monitor


Touch screen design, simplfy the operation, improve shooting efficiency. Double click to open the main menu, swipe up and down for adjust the backlight and volume, slip from the bottom to enter the shortcut menu. 

field monitor


3D LUTmakes the color calibration easier, supporting custom load 50 LUTs.

4k monitor


HDR (high dynamic range) signal for incredible clarity and detail, simplfy the complexities of shooting Log and HDR, helping you to replicate post-production workflows at the moment when it matters most–while shooting.

hdr monitor


With waveform, vectorscope, histogram,peaking focus assist, false colors, zebra exposure etc., make you more accurate exposure and focus.

feelworld monitor


Flexible Power, with Sony F970 battery plate, use F970 battery can last for about 3 hours. DC 8.4V output to power camera. Built in the fan can automatic heat dissipation, turn on automatically when the backlight brightness greater than 80.

lut monitor
lightweight monitor


Two version for optional:

LUT6: 4K HDMI input and output. 289.99USD

LUT6S: 3G SDI, 4K HDMI input/ output. 389.99USD

Both are ideal partners for cameras.

cinema monitor


Convenient mounting with tilt arm, 360 degree rotation for best viewing angle, extend mount accessories like microphone and LED.

monitor with tilt arm


Order FEELWORLD LUT6 / LUT6S  from Official Store: (Ship to Worldwide)

LUT6: 289.99USD 

LUT6S ( SDI) :389.99USD



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