Feelworld F5 Field Monitor: It Solves A Big Problem. ep.126

Hi everyone so today I'm going to talk about a field monitor and why I think you might want to add this to your camera bag. I'm really not gonna use it that much even if you know it would be kind of handy but now that I have it in my hands.

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I was I really actually I take this with me all the time now because it's really nice and thin, so it makes it easy to put in my bag first of all right and then this only weighs 300 grams. It doesn't really add that much weight to the overall setup at all especially when I'm out using and I think any weight or bulkiness that it adds it's far outweighed by the benefits of having a screen that you can look at a larger screen because even cameras that have the fully articulated screen. I think this is still a worthwhile investment but even more.monitor 5.7This monitor now you know it's a 5-inch screen with full HD 1920 by 1080 display, it's an IPS technology with 414. Its brightness so just as a comparison most mid-range cell phones have IPS displays at about 4 or 500 nits of brightness like the m10 Mark 2 or Mark 3 and I've been using this a lot lately on my tg5. It's plenty bright and then you know the color and the clarity is it's calibrated from the factory to have accurate colors, but being an IPS display means that you know you have really good viewing angles as well and then it also has some really nice features built in that you don't normally find and like you know this price range right this is about 160 bucks.monitor 4k 1920x1080 metal 5.7
The main one being the false colors it also has zebras focus peaking and digital zoom now in terms of usability, you know you basically it has an HDMI in and out so you can daisy-chain these to a video recorder separately if you want it also has a little power jack supply. If you want to power this thing through AC power and then as two dedicated function buttons that you can program to do anything you want that. This monitor is capable of it comes with this bracket and it comes to the hood and it comes with the HDMI cable, so I'm gonna talk about a couple of other accessories. I think you should get with this camera or this dis monitor now on the back here you can use two different kinds of batteries, a canon le six or the Sony NPF batteries and I like to use the Canon le six batteries because they're very small and lightweight and I get almost two hours out of this battery for in the field and I and honestly you know. I will change the battery of my camera before I have to change the battery on this monitor when I'm actually out using it so it lasts long enough with just this very small lightweight battery and that's how I travel you know. Lightweight and small and that's pretty much it I mean it's got one other thing well two other things right it has this DC out so if you have a dummy battery.feelworld 5



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