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FEELWORLD F5 5'' Monitor - Best Budget Full HD Monitor for Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras?

We all know that for a video monitor to be any good it's got to be big and it's got to be expensive or maybe it doesn't!

Youtube Channel: @Bart Johnson ProductionsThe FEELWORLD F5 is a 5 inch 1920 by 1080 HD display monitor it has an IPS panel which means it has a viewing angle of up to a hundred and sixty degrees. It's also got a brightness level of 450 nits and it can be powered with both LPE 6 or Sony NPF style batteries.monitor camera canonIt also has a jack to power it via wall power through a DC input This monitor also features both HDMI in and out at up to 4k 30p and it can even do cinema 4k the 4096 by 2160 at up to 24 P which is pretty cool ! The F5 also has this little DC output port here on the bottom that outputs 8.4 volts, which means that you can power accessories and even your camera via a dummy battery by  plugging into this output right here.feelworld monitor canonAlong the top of the monitor you're gonna find a row of buttons that will allow you to access the menus and set some custom functions and access all of the video assist features that are in the F5. And this is where this thing is really amazing for the price because this thing is packed with video assist features it has all the highlights like histogram, audio levels, focus peaking, false-color, zebras, anamorphic squeeze, image flip, aspect ratio markers,  image zoom up to 16x and a whole bunch more! focus monitor canonextended camera monitor canonI said this thing has most of the features you're gonna find in much more expensive video monitors. Now generally a monitor of this size at about five inches since it's pretty small, you're usually going to be using as an on-camera monitor and so it has a mount here. That is sort of a tension bracket arm with a hot shoe or cold shoe adapter down at the bottom allowing you to easily mount this on top of your camera and swivel it to the viewing angle that works best for what you're shooting. dslr monitor for canon 7d While there aren't any additional quarter 20s on the other sides of the monitor,  they actually have this little bracket that can be removed and can be screwed on to the bottom which adds a quarter twenty in case you wanted to mount this monitor just with a standard friction arm or anything else like that. I've been sort of teasing and joking this monitor really does deserve to be compared to other monitors!



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