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How to set menu shortcut keys in F6 PLUS, LUT6, LUT6S, LUT7, LUT7S, LUT7 PRO, LUT7S PRO

Menu Operation Instruction After the monitor is properly connected to the power supply, the indicator light is on (red).

Press button to turn on the monitor power. The indicator light turns yellow.

After inputting the HDMI signal, the indicator light turns from yellow to green. After startup, short press to select to turn the screen touch function on or off.

Directly touch the screen for menu operation (turn on the screen touch function)
①.Double-click on the screen to open the main menu (on the left side of the screen) and click on the corresponding menu to display the secondary menu. You can enter the corresponding function option to select or set with the "<" or ">" key of the option. Exit the menu and press key of the main menu or click the touch screen.

②.Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the shortcut menu and click on the corresponding menu to open or set the corresponding function. Double-click the shortcut menu function and select the function setting with the "<" or ">" key.

③.On the left side of the screen (1/2 split screen), you can directly adjust the brightness of the screen backlight; on the right side of the screen (1/2 split screen), you can directly adjust the volume.

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