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Elevate Your Conference Experience Streaming Solutions

Elevate Your Conference Experience Streaming Solutions

Are you organizing or attending a conference and looking for ways to enhance the experience for both in-person and virtual participants? Discover the transformative power of live streaming solutions—a game-changing technology that allows you to reach a wider audience, engage remote attendees, and create an immersive conference experience. In this blog, we will explore the benefits and essential components of a live-streaming solution for conferences, empowering event organizers to deliver engaging and inclusive experiences to a global audience.


1. Create an accessible environment for conference attendees: Live streaming helps broaden your event audience. Without the need to travel, more attendees and speakers have the opportunity to participate in your event.

2.Easily record and distribute event content:Usually, when you live stream an event, the platform you use either records it automatically or gives you an option to set up an automatic recording. The conference footage you get this way can become invaluable educational material, not to mention that you can use it for promotional materials for next year’s conference.

3. Hit attendance goals:Live stream conferences are a budget-friendly event to attend for both attendees and speakers. The ability to tune in from the comfort of home is the icing on the cake to guarantee high conversion rates.

4.Live streaming is great:Not only is live streaming easy, affordable, and accessible, it’s also an incredibly engaging form of content presentation. The people who view the live stream of your conference will be able to interact in real-time via live chat.

5.Robust Security Measures: Protecting sensitive conference information is paramount. Live streaming solutions should prioritize security measures, such as encrypted transmission and password-protected access, to safeguard the content from unauthorized viewers. This ensures that only registered participants can join the conference, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of the event.



(1) Streaming Camera: PTZ cameras are cost-effective tools for any live event productions. PTZ camera provide broadcast-grade video quality and are versatile, easy to use, and relatively inexpensive compared to cameras.FEELWORLD PTZ cameras use zoom to quickly zoom  in the image. You can efficiently operate several PTZ cameras via buttons, 4D joystick, remote. Additionally,  you can preset position for the PTZ cameras.PTZ also has a tracking function to avoid losing track of the picture when the teacher moves. PTZ can easily attach anywhere.You can mount the PTZ Cameras on a high wall or ceiling. Installed in different locations can capture the image of the teacher, students and blackboard respectively. If you are simply teaching online, you can use the FEELWORLD WV207 webcam, which connects via USB, plug and play. Built-in microphone, no need for external

(2) PTZ Camera Controller: Considering if you need a FEELWORLD PTZ camera keyboard controller that enables you to remotely control the speed of pan, tilt, and zoom. Supports 12V DC power supply and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). It allows precise adjustment for PTZ camera movement and settings and quickly sets various parameters.

(3) Conference Mic: Besides stellar video quality, good sound quality is equally crucial in making first and lasting impressions during live streams. Including USB, Bluetooth, or wireless connections, ensuring seamless integration with various devices and conferencing platforms. Highlight the convenience of plug-and-play functionality, enabling quick setup without the need for additional software or drivers.

Single conference(1-4people)

The FEELWORLD WV207 with plug-and-play operation and you can easily anywhere on conference. Simply plug the webcam into the provided network to a USB port and connect to the internet. So that stream high quality video to enable teams to collaborate seamlessly, even when they are geographically dispersed. With just a stable internet connection, participants can join meetings from anywhere in the world.


Medium meeting conference(30 people)

In medium meetings, we recommend that you use the FEELWORLD 4K12X PTZ camera(Pan, Tilt, Zoom), which connects to a PC via USB3.0 so that attendees can view the live stream from different angles, such as wide-angle shots or close-ups. You can create a professional, visually appealing live broadcast for customersAdditionally, live streaming solutions often provide features such as recording and playback options, allowing attendees to revisit meetings, catch up on missed discussions, or review important decisions at their own pace.Such tools facilitate brainstorming sessions, document collaboration, and effective decision-making, ensuring that all team members feel involved and valued.Security and Privacy:Privacy and security are paramount when it comes to live streaming meetings.



Larger meeting conference(30+ people)

In Larger meetings, we recommend that you use the 2-3 FEELWORLD 4K12X PTZ camera(Pan, Tilt, Zoom) to capture more meeting environment , Connect the PTZ camera and PTZ controller to the network switch via LAN, so that PTZ controller can easily control PTZ cameras via IP to capture wonderful moments in the meeting. Network switch via RTSP/RTMP Output to computer for live streaming offer conference flexibility.



Live streaming solutions have the potential to revolutionize your conference experience by extending your reach, enhancing audience engagement, and providing cost-effective scalability. Embrace the power of live streaming to create an inclusive and immersive conference environment that connects individuals from around the world. Elevate your conference experience and unlock a host of possibilities through live streaming solutions.



PTZ Camera:


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